I thought I was the first....?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Very, very long time.... I'm sorry D: I don't want to explain my absence in this post because Ghandeer already knows why.

Last week I've been wearing one of the most popular style back in the 60's the "afro".. I am not that popular on stardoll so I do not get that much compliments I only get from good friends or at a party. To my surprise on Tuesday I received a friend request from a user..
(Click picture to see clearly)
Well first of all, I did not know any user called Flyymama and I did not know she was the first other users could have been wearing them before her. There's a lot of surprises when you are on stardoll.
But to think of it I'm getting a bit jealous...jk who do you think wore the 60's style better me (on the right) or flyymama (on the left)? ;D

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  1. I like yours more, it's more simple and hers it's just too much. Too much accesories!

  2. i like yours better hers is to over the top and somthing like that has happened to my before

  3. I like yours better, it fits the 60's theme a little better with the gold and the afro is really nice done, but hers is so overdressed and simply not that stylish, and I think she copied YOU!

  4. the afro's are nothing alike? whats that boy on about

  5. like if it were her original idea to ever make it xD come on.. it is not copyrighted
    yours look better anyway :) her look is too tacky