Finally arrived ;D

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hello :D

7 days left .. I can't wait !
In 23.Jan i will finish my first semester in the high school , right now i have national exams.
Today i had E-commerce exams , i thought that I'm got full mark but before 5 minutes i saw the answers and i have 1 mistake ! so right now i think i will got 99 out of 100 

anyway .. before 2 weeks , finally the magazines i ordered them had arrived

The envelope contain 5 magazines :
- 2 issues of the journal  "YOU" or ( "أنتِ"  in Arabic language ) 
- "LIVING" magazine 
- "OC" magazine 
- "Jordan Business" magazine

I can't wait to finish my exams and start reading them ;D
what about you ?
do you like reading magazines ?

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  1. So cool :D I love reading magazines and collecting them, especially fashion magazines :)

  2. i hope that you get 99 right and i love magazines !!

  3. wow .... i would like to read them :)

  4. I Like reading Magazines but you have a mistake the Living magazine is actuly called Living Well you can see the word Well under living in small size ;) And I have that issue btw :)

  5. @ Sweety_d : heheh yea i saw it after i had published the post :D

    Thanks honey :D