Celebrity Look-A-Like

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hey everyone! Its B.E.P.Fan_4ever here! As I promised you I have the Twiggy Look-A-Like tutorial to show you today :D

Twiggy was a BEAUTIFUL person! She was unique. Her short hair, her frecles and her vintage style are the things that make her original. Her makeup isnt really eccentric... the key to make a good look-a-like of her is the tecnik.

So here it is:

Do you like it?
Do you think it looks like her?
What celebrity look-a-like should i do next?
Leave a comment and let me know :)

~xoxo B.E.P.Fan_4ever
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  1. I can't view your tutorial.

    Nee xxx

  2. @Nee What do you mean?

    @Eris Thank you so much :3 You are really sweet :D Thanks for answering to my every post :)

  3. It's a great tutorial I love it! :)