BEST OF 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012

BEST OF 2012! I didn’t think that I’m going to do a post today since I had an exam at the university and I’m feeling tired and also I’m having an exam after 2 days and I’m not in the mood to study! Anyway, while I was watching T.V, I saw some of channels made “BEST OF 2012”, so I thought that It would be such a good idea to show you my favorite photos I’ve taken in the last year for those who didn’t read my blog daily.

Happy new year and see in 2013 :p
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Real Version

Saturday, December 29, 2012

 Limited Edition Spring 2010! No doubt that this season from LE was one of the best seasons in stardoll. Personally, this collection went so fast so unfortunately I couldn't buy any item! I choose these 2 items from Moschino which were shown at the collection before 3 years ago! The first jacket was for 225 Stardollars and the dress for 175 Stardollars. Personally, I like the real version of the jacket, I'm kind of people who love golden with black and about the dress I didn't like it's shape, I think it will suit young girls. So I'm going to rate Stardoll graphic as 4 out of 5! What about you? :)

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I've had a lovely break from blogging (sometimes real life gets in the way) but I'm back to celebrate the New Year Eve! Here is an easy pancake cake - the pancakes are sandwiched together with whatever you want to add to it weather it's Nutella,Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Cheese or even Honey! Personally, I choose to add Thick Cream from KDD with Honey and my family prefer to eat it with Nabulsi Cheese which is it quite salty! Such a great combination ;)

I love a good and hearty meal, especially during the weekends as I truly believe that I well deserve it for having to work and study hard the week long. Last week, me and my mum decided to make new kind of sweet for new year's post! I couldn't think about something would be much delicious and sweet as much as Crepe Cake! We had made this one before but I didn't think before that taking photos for this rich dish would look great in photos! 

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

CHRISTMAS COCKTAIL As some of you might already know, that I've just made a special new room at stardoll for the Christmas!Since we wanted to release something very festive and perfect for the end of the year, I got really inspired by the story '' Mille et Une Nuits'', it's mystical yet so luxurious spirit really felt right with the theme. I thought that we've seen enough red, or green this winter so why not try something a little different. In my opinion golden is the perfect color for Christmas, it is bright, glamorous and quite easy to wear.
For this occasion, of course I had to wear an outfit inspired by the colors of the Christmas tree. Luckily I found the perfect glitter sequin gold dress with R&B diva faux-fur for 6 stardollars from Archive. As soon as I saw this dress, I thought ''I found it, gotta get it and keep it!''. It was really the perfect match. I matched the dress with black and red Agate and Lava earrings for 12 stardollars, knotted gold necklace for 11 Stardollars from GlamRus and gold bracelet from for 11 Stardollars and green diamond ring for 10 Stardollars from Epiphany and finally strapped platform shoes with ebony stardust from Young Hollywood for 40 Stardollars.

Glitter sequin gold dress 
R&B diva faux-fur - Archive
Black and red Agate and Lava earrings
Knotted gold necklace - GlamRus 
Gold bracelet  - Epiphany 
Green diamond ring - Epiphany 
Strapped platform shoes  - Young Hollywood 
Ebony stardust - Young Hollywood 

Lots of kisses! xoxo

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

SUGAR RUSH I must admit that I am really mad about myself right now, I never miss my monthly Monday post but this week-end and week has been quite crazy so at least for health matters, I decided to use the free time to sleep, which ended up to be a really good decision, my body definitely said thank you. It's amazing how there's some extremely full times of the year where you gotta rush from one place to another or study like a book-a-holic (because all the controls are stuck in one month) and then much more relaxed ones.

 I'm anyways looking forward to Christmas, even I'm not celebrating it since I'm Muslim but I love how do people start preparing for it, it's Christmas spirit, and feel the need to spend some cozy time with my family at home around a nice meal. And let's not even mention New Year's Eve, that's going to be a great celebration. Do you folks have some interesting things planned? Since I didn't have much time to prepare pictures for a story article, I wanted to share with you guys some of my highlight instagram pictures, just because I know that some of you don't have an I-phone or Android so that way you can all also enjoy some pictures I take every single day through the little camera of my mobile phone. Lots of kisses and see you soon (Can't wait to show you all the amazing shots I took, just need to find a quiet moment to edit!).

Delicious dish before sleeping! It's one of my favorite kind of salad// What do you think about my Simpsons socks?
Eating my favorite kind of desserts: Harreseh and working on my project for Marketing lesson// I doubt that you envy me for having such a great hairstyle. 

Goodmorning everybody, I was so lazy, I wakeup at 1 PM! Can you see something weird? // My mini healthy dinner for tonight: Nablusi cheese with cucumber!

Pause the life with Twix :) // From the floor No.20 in Regency palace hotel, here is Amman at night!

Had a great time with my family Regency palace hotel! // Some fruits while studying to refill my energy! 

Went to buy new mobilephone but I didn't find my favorite! What do you think about GalaxyNote? // Perfect kind of breakfast to feel you're in heaven 

Working on my Marketing project about consumer buying decision process and eating Peanut Butter// The weather isn't kidding! Fog, rain and winds... Winter is here 

And the hell didn't finish yet! I was studying like a crazy person because of my mid-term exams // Today's lunch: World's delicious Fillet done by my mum ;)

This is how we start Friday! Eating some of traditional Arabian dishes at morning: Homous// Sunshine in my way to the university at 7:30AM

Am I the only one who can't understand Statistics or what? // Don't you think that it's something good to wakeup and find this dount beside you? 

Spaghetti for late dinner with 2 kind of salad :) yummy! // How my faculty looks after we finished Statistics exam which was brought from Puckett Island! 

Who want white cream with cocoa & biscuits? ^^ // Greeting in a mathematical way. 

Morning in my university before starting the lecture! // Today's dessert: Sfoof :)
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Spot on a Starplaza!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I've finally a perfect time for posting in the blog! I know I'm not active here as I used to before, but I'd like to apologize, I had a busy days last weeks. I've come back with a new idea I hope you will like it! I know that the there so many luxury shops stardoll have just added them and I think they are pretty good to have such a new shops instead of having the same shops at the starplaza! My spot for the first post will be on "PET A PORTER CLOTHES HORSE"! 

I know that this store has openend it's door a while ago, and personally, it's one of my favorite shops in starplaza! Anyway, I think that most of you (especially fashionistas) already heard about the collaboration between H&M and MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA a french based fashion label founded by MARTIN MARGIELA and known for its avant-garde designs. Most of the collection is no longer available but lucky SD managed to put a very special piece in the starplaza means you can still get your piece of the cake. 

The graphic is marvelous and you can get it for 11Stardollars (which is a very good price and cheap one) at the pet a porter clothes horse store, and as you see it's goes so trendy and classic with nude pump! For me there is no doubt that the Stardoll coat was inspired by this MMM for H&M coat. I love this coat and I think the price is really fair so I'm going to buy one in my next superstar memebership and if you haven't already bought it I can recommend you to do it as soon as you can, this a piece a really fashion victim or doll should have in their wardrobe. 
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Some Of My Latest Graphics

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Hello everybody, this is my official first post, yay!
For my first post on this blog, I'd like to show you some graphics I've recently made. I hope you'll like them. :)

I made this graphic last week and I'll be using it for the Cover of the RNTM Backstage Magazine which I'll be releasing this evening. The model is Cathy AKA mathilamath. The dress, which is one of my designs, is kept very simple. I think this is one of my best graphics, what do you think?

I think I made this graphic one month ago. The model is again mathildamath and it is inspired by the H&M campaign with Lana Del Rey. This was my first graphic with my improved shading technique.

This one was for a competition in my school, I finished it just a couple of days ago. It may not be my best because I really had to rush when I made it. I just didn't have enough time to do it, that's why it turned out so... awkward. I mean, the girl looks like a thicker person, but she was meant to be skinny. Oh well...

What do you think of my graphics?
Please comment :3

xoxo Rafael
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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

PERFECT WINTER LOOK Brought to you from Alps! Since winter started yesterday in Jordan, I thought that sharing this look at this time would be great for those fashionista who are waiting "Get The Look" topic! What do you think about the look?

Horse print turtleneck - pet a porter
Cream woven scarf - pretty in pink 
Bronze platform ankle boots
Sevigny blazer from - Bizou 
West egg purse - Decade 
Black faux fur wide hat 
Thick belt - Tingeling
Black jungle skirt 
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New Writer

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Hey everyone!

My name is Rafael (Rafi101 on Stardoll) and I'm the new writer at this blog. I'm 16 years old, male and I come from Austria. Thanks a lot to Ghandeer for giving me this opportunity, I am very excited to be here and I'm looking forward to writing for this amazing blog!

I will post about random stuff on Stardoll, different projects such as magazines, modeling competitions, ect. I will also show you my sketches and drawings which I do every day because I just loooove drawing and designing. :)

That's all for now. See you soon!
xoxo Rafael

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Talented medoll

Saturday, December 01, 2012

I found an unusual doll - wwwhhhiiitteee !
There is nothing to say, except of white. Everything is white on her whole page, except of her skin. 
As you can see, her favorite color is white. 
Her presentation is really nice, especially how she explained all:

"It's just so... perfect, you know? It reminds me of wonderful things. It's like when I was in elementary school and I used to look up at the clouds and wonder what was inside; like if it was a whole other world where everything and everyone was just white. It also makes me think of heaven, snow, glitter, feathers, coconuts, rushing water, sugar, and a blank canvas; potential artwork.

Here are the answers to my most frequently asked questions:

Why do I like white so much?I think I mostly answered that already. I just love it. It's timeless, clean and beautiful.
Is everything I own in real life white?No of course not! But almost everything I buy is white. But just because someone gives me a black shirt doesn't mean I'm not gonna accept it. I'll just wear my white jacket over it.
Am I racist?No way, not even close! My name isn't "wwwhhhiiitteee" because I only like white people. LOL.
Do I like any other colors?I love ALL colors. The strange thing about white light is that it's a spectrum; every single color is present. So when all colors come together, you see white. Amazing, isn't it? But anyway, my love for white does overpower all the other colors. But the way I see it, everything in the world is beautiful; just some things more beautiful than others.
Why did you decide to make an account like this?Because I think people get tired of going to stardoll pages that all look the same. When you come across a page like this, it's so different that it's almost a shock... in a good way. "

This is a snapshot of her suite:
What do YOU think ? Let me know !

xoxo Clara//Clara_Clary
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Awesome Casual Looks with

Hello Dollies,
I'm Ioana-Clara (my stardoll username: Clara_Clary), the new blogger on Ghandoora's Blog! I hope you will like my posts :D

As you may have noticed, there is a new store out, - including the brands Diesel and Desigual.
The main theme is the casual look, with lots of denim clothes.
Even though on Stardoll I like to wear elegant, extravagant looks and I hesitated to buy some clothes from, I couldn't sit trough and I bought some of them! I love the casual style and honestly, that's what I wear in real life.
Here are two looks made by me - the scarf is the most important article in the look, in my opinion - it makes all !

 I know, the shoes do not match that good, but they are the best I found now.
Off-topic: You can open the first door of the holiday calendars. In the advent calendar there is a tree, which costs 80 sc and in the hotbuys calendar a Cheap Monday T-Shirt, which costs 15 stardollars.
In my opinion, they are great, especially the T-Shirt, but I think they're a bit overpriced for a holiday calendar.

What do you think of the shop and my outfits ? Let me know!

xoxo Clara//Clara_Clary

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Winter Hair Trends 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

While I was reading a magazine, a subject got my eyes to make a post about it! You know, girls hate winter because it damage our hair, but this season, getting that straight-off-the-catwalk hair is easier than ever with a series of trend-driven hairstyles. All these ideas are effortlessly chic and simple enough to accomplish just with a handful of hair clips, hairspray and hair bands. This is your Fall/Winter 2012 runway to reality hairstyle inspiration with some of my tips

Sleek and Straight
I couldn't tell you any secrets about how to get a look looks like that since I'm not having a hair bang! A good shine serum and exceptionally brilliant hair iron is your ideal way to attain this not-a-hair-out-of-place hairstyle. 

 Loose Locks
The get-out-of-bed-head look is the least complicated style to achieve this Fall. If you're lucky enough to have naturally wavy hair like me, allow your hair to air-dry it's the only secret to make you're hair looks naturally splendid without adding any mousses or spray. If you have straight hair, braid your hair in several sections while its still wet, allow to dry, spray & unwind your curls.
Elegant Upstyles
 I haven't tried this trend before, I only have it when I'm studying at home! It's a classic French rolls, the upstyle takes center stage this season. To attain this timeless look, pull your hair into a ponytail with an elastic hair band, comb over to ensure there are no bumps, and twirl hair round into a coil with hair pins. Spray to hold. Leave a few loose ends as did the Michael Kors models or defy gravity with hair wax as seen at Preen. The best way to combat a bad hair day, this ladylike look can be done on both wet or dry locks.
 Twists and Braids
Oh baby! This is my favorite hairstyle! You know what? It makes you feel you're still young and looks like Russian dolls. Put a twist into your daily hair routine with a few pretty braids. Use plaited pieces to create your own Alice Band or add a few braids in-between straight locks for some movement and contrast, as seen at Rachel Zoe. Stylists at Suno used hair clips to pin loose pieces up into place, romance was in the hair at Elie Saab and Valentino with pinned-up princess plaits.

 The world's most female-friendly hairstyle is bigger than ever this winter. If you don't know what to do with you're hair, then ponytail is a great style. It makes you feel you're having that glamour style without any effort with doing it.
 I'm not a big fan of this trend by I love to pump up the volume with the elevated & dramatic bouffant! It's really perfect for tall women for a romantic dinner or party ... etc! For this head-turning 2012 party look, tons of hairspray & some effort is required. Add a ribbon or bow for that something extra.

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Pause The Life

Sunday, November 25, 2012

LIVE YOUR LIFE! I've always wanted to make a video looks like this one! Actually, the idea came up to me when I was in the university and I thought It would be such a great idea to make a video mixed from some photos which are taken in perfect time and makes you feel you're living in another world which I prefer call it "Luxury World" even for a few minutes! The background song, gives me a fantastic power that makes me do anything I don't love with lovely smile such as STUDYING! I know that most of us are dreaming to have a life looks like this one, but you have to remember that there are some people who are dreaming to have your life, those homeless people who don't have shelter from winter or summer, those who don't have a life!

Anyway, to tell me your opinion and don't forget to pause the life and take a photo for your lovely moments and thanks God for having everything :D
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

 If you are following me on Twitter or Instagram you should know that so many pictures are waiting you in my monthly post "TwitGoodies"! I really need some sleep and I must admit that I'm quite excited that my exams are finished, and finally I'm going to have some free time with blogging and another things!I've been working and studying like a crazy person lately on new projects for the blog: a lot of E-mails, photo editing... etc.

Not to mention all the pictures I had to edit after I took them, because you might know that I shoot all the images of the blog but what you don't know since I don't think I have ever mentioned it is that I'm also the one who edits them, meaning that I make sure that the light is okay, play a little bit with the colors and make sure that the contrast is good such as the size of the images: and all of that takes quite a lot of time after-all, around 2 or 3 hours for one post in total. I really focus on quality and want to show you guys the best pictures possible, it's so important for me. I love doing this so much, more than anything actually you know. Sometimes I'm even speechless because of all the incredible paths and opportunities my blog has brought me to, I couldn't be more grateful and it motivates me to work as much as I can, and I mean... call it work, I would say it's more little taking care of a baby, giving it food and stuff, yep my blog is my babe, nothing's as exciting compared to that, I love it. 

I took the decision to avoid posting on week-end because it's friends and family time, not only for me but for you guys as well! So, it's time to go out and have fun. It is a perfect way to reload the batteries, right? So I hope you will enjoy this new TwitGoodies post which is filled with pictures from general shots of my little life. Wish you all a lovely end of the day and of course a splendid week-end!
Follow me on Instagram : @Ghandoora94
 In my way to the university, it was 7:30 AM // Had lovely hour at starbucks <3 font="font">

 Reorganizing my wardrobe for the winter! // I have never tried something like that before, 2 in 1 cotton candy & bubble gum <3 font="font">

 This is how I wake-up today! #happyfriday // I thought that I'm capable to prepare Kabab for the lunch, but I had a problem with that! :/

 Definitely, Cookies are the best to start your day! // Winter is here, don't forget to wear your colorful socks! 

 Every person should have his own way in being crazy and stupid ^^ // I wanna ask you guys: What do Trance & Techno music makes you feel? 

 Preparing some nuts for drinking Karawyea // And finally Karawyea is ready to drink, it's really the thing to drink at winter 

 How do my hair looks week ago! Wavy Wavy ^^  // Like every Eid, me and my mother prepared Ma'amoul for Eid Al-ad7a

 Got some chocolates from Samiramees // Great news: I passed my 3 qualification exams so I'm preparing Orange cake with my mum 

 Who haven't watched Ganganm style yet? // I really love white beans with rice! 

 Spent girly time with my sister. Manicure time with flormar ^^ // My daily routine: drinking tea and reading some blogs :D

 What a rainy weather outside! Winter is here ;) // Spent crazy night last week ago, photoshooted more than 133 picture x3 

 My lunch last week was filled with yogurt, so yummy ^^  // Horrible traffic jam last Wednesday

 Egg with some green herbals are really a great dish //  Definitely m&ms was the main factor that makes me love Marketing and getting 25 out of  30 in the exam!

 I'm feeling that my eyes looks much glamorous with eyeliner // Such a great lunch, grilled potato with cauliflower 

Love this high heel found it forever21 // Our dinner for our fasting day "Arafa day", Chicken with potato

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