New Segment

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hello it's itr15 here,

Ok so I really need a new segment here on this blog! 


Can you guys give me some ideas in the comments? The person whose idea I choose wins 5 ss gifts!
The segment:
MUST have something to do with stardoll
Must be creative
Try to suggest something that hasn't been done before.

Good luck little dollies
xxxx itr15
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  1. You could post a question (riddle, puzzle.. something mind-challenging) each week & the first person that get's it right chooses next weeks question :) The topic could be called "Brain Teasers with Itr15"

  2. What about giving people makeovers. We've seen a lot of girls in stardoll who ask each other for make-overs. Now they can get it here :)

  3. يمكنك عمل مسابقه الاختلافات الخمسه والجائزه تكون ستار كوينت

  4. What about something like next top model(on stardoll must be named next top me-doll...:D )

  5. The segment could be making stardoll outfits in real life!

  6. umm what about creating one 2album pages according to the given theme and showing it as a story
    example: theme is vampires,so we can crete a 2 page scene which shows whats happening related to the topic vampires (twilight) and the winners album could be placed with a little descripton by taking her interview

    by the way my name is mudu098 on stardoll

  7. How About Tutorials On 'How To Do Mole Art' Different Shaped And Creativity Every Week!? [:

  8. if you let me write i could write reveiws of shops and blogs and i can do makeup tutorials !!