Last Chance...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hey everyone. The contest was going to start today, but some contestants and one judge have not confirmed. Usually, I will not give you guys a chance to confirm again, but I want this contest to be fair. So, anyways...if you have not confirmed please confirm! The contest is starting on Wednesday! 

I would also like to ask anyone who is a judge to message me. We need to talk about all the prizes. 

Also, contestants, I would like to let you know that whoever wins first, second, AND third place (maybe---depends on judges) will be a part of my blog! I would advertise it here, but Ghadeer does not like advertising. Just go to my page on stardoll, and you will see my blog link :)

There might be a third place, I need to talk to the judges

Please Confirm by Commenting


iluvladygaga232 [Confirmed]
 Pigehdesigner [Confirmed]
Sta988 [Confirmed]
pinkgirlbarbie8 [Confirmed]
Indigo26 [Confirmed]
 B.E.P.Fan_4ever [Confirmed]
DEMI_LOVANTO_2 [Confirmed]
gussygirlfun [N/A]
lovinjudas [Confirmed]
rosario_kira [Confirmed]
 depi2 [Confirmed]
queenmaya99 [N/A]
 DALAL06 [N/A]
Rafi101 [N/A]
Koninalove1 [Confirmed]
oOtigerlillyOo [Confirmed]
bracken1234  [Confirmed]
Nadia478 [N/A]
Funkymoomoo1 [Confirmed]
Celeblover44 [Confirmed]
sumz_kitty [N/A]

kkrrbb78 [Confirmed]
piggy908 [Confirmed]
Ghandoora [Confirmed]
Amandaapje [Confirmed]
giota_4_ever [N/A]
maddeycutey1 [Confirmed]
mannyperry [Confirmed]
dazzfairy18fan [Confirmed]
malsorrrja [Confirmed]

So, please let me know if you would like to make anything for this competition. It can be a poster, banners, graphics, etc.

bye! :)
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  1. Could I enter?

    I know I'm a bit late. :/

  2. as judges or contestants?

  3. can I become a judge or it's too late?

  4. Hi, Im sumz_kitty but i changed my account to gillypink, read mine and sumz_kitty's pres to find out why, and im confirming it, but i dont get what we have to do :/

  5. @elbiyeah12: Yes you can be a judge!

    @sumz_kitty okay, i'll just keep you sumz_kitty because of your google account, all you have to do it say that you confirmed so far. Tomorrow is when the challenges start


  6. Can I be a contestant? Plz?
    My username is amy235.