I'm back!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


My internet is working again so I can post :D

Now, it's nearly christmas and we're all very excited! So, to get you more in the mood I'm creating a 'Christmas Competiton' The winner will recieve 15 stardollars, an interview on this blog with advertisement to your medoll and suite and an SS gift ! For the competiton you must create a christmas styled oufit, christmas styled make-up and a christmas styled suite ! You can choose from these styles:

  • Elf style (Elf suite, Elf clothes, Elf make-up, a fun choice)
  • Mrs Santa (Classic christmas suite, sexy make-up, sexy 'mrs santa' outfit)
  • Snowman Style (White christmas suite, fun and bouncy make-up, white clothes)
All you need to do is enter your stardoll name with the style you are going to do. You DO NOT post your entries yet! I'm only taking 10 contestants so enter as quickly as you can. On my next post (Wednesday) I will announce the contestants who are taking part and they will be asked to upload their entry using tinypic and I will create a poll and you will vote for your favourite!

Enter now for your chance to win!

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  1. I'm glad you are back! I just wanted to know if you are still going to announce the winner from the last must have (u probably forgot about it) It was the one where you had to use the Black poet sleeve blouse from Fallen Angel do u remember?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I'm in my stardoll name is elisavetdella and I select the second style(Mrs Santa)

  4. Me please ;D
    My username is piggy908

  5. @indigo26, ooops i did forget about that :/ ill post the results as soon as this competiton is over and @piggy908, please select a style you are creating :)x

  6. I'm in :]
    Mrs Santa (Because I've kinda already got that style already :])

  7. I would like to do Mrs. Clause style thanks!!!


  8. tinkerbel_angel
    I'll do mrs santa

  9. @Jennie
    Ok :) I would join this but i have no items for any of the categories! anyway :) xx

  10. @indigo26, you could do your clothes in starplaza, make up in starplaza and just use creativity to style non christmas items into a christmas theme :)x

  11. @ Jennie
    Thanks for the great idea-but i really have no christmas items. Would it be cheating if i re-arranged someone else's suite?


  12. @indigo26, no. I would let you off with that but make it your own and dont copy :)x