Cute Cowgirls/boys

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

  Today we'll be traveling to the deep south TEXAS STATE
AS USUAL MY version of texas cowgirl

Shorts:designed my self (stripes are wrong) but if you want one with horizontal find me

Vest:Rio Hotbuys

Jeans shorts :free i just added under:)

Heels:bizou (not really texan but i like heels :p)

A cowboy is an animal herder who tends cattle on ranches in North America, traditionally on horseback, and often performs a multitude of other ranch-related tasks. The historic American cowboy of the late 19th century arose from the vaquero traditions of northern Mexico and became a figure of special significance and legend. A subtype, called a wrangler, specifically tends the horses used to work cattle.

cowboy bootsrefer to a specific style of riding boot, historically worn by cowboys. They have a high heel, rounded to pointed toe, high shaft, and, traditionally, no lacing. Cowboy boots are normally made from cowhide leather but are also sometimes made from "exotic" skins such as alligator, snake, ostrich, lizard, eel, elephant, sting ray, elk, buffalo
The cowboy hat is a high-crowned, wide-brimmed hat best known as the defining piece of attire for the North American cowboy

Don't just love the fringes on the trousers. These Guys are probably dressed for a bull riding event

Only some gowgirls will use a real cow skin so don't be afraid!
Like Me this cowgirl perfers to wear heels!

Your Faveourite part...My Lovely Make up of a cowgirl Ain't she purty!!
The tanned skin shows she's been ridding all day in the hot sun and still looking good
Hair Is VERY Practical


Dress Up like a cowgirl/cowboy the winner gets 15sd and is featured on the post next week, put your sd name, due by next post
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  1. "Tasty Texas!" More like "Trashy Texas!"

  2. Ok. I like this post. but texas is NOT all cowboys and cowgirls. Ihappen to live there and I have NEVER seen someone dressed up like that DX It was interesting though, and that comment ahead of me is quite insulting. us texans are just like anybody else. I happen to know that a lot of stars come from there. Beyonce, selena gomez,demi lovato, Hilary duff, and kelly clarkson. we are NOT trashy.

  3. Oh and also, xP don't be insulted my what I said, funksho8 but we never do any of this stuff and my mom says ya'll she's asian so its hilarious! xD] but the only times I ever say stuff like that is when my siblings are being steriotypical texans. xD This post was quite funny... but really? xP

  4. Hi guys I'm elated that you commented but when i do my post i never intend to insult anybody's cultue...I look from the roots which texas is where cowboys originated from in addition i did ask previously for ideas on what i should and got one response. I will change the title

  5. The outfit is nice though I agre with iluvladygaga1. People in texas do not dress like cowboys. Anyway I like it :)

  6. Ok, I undestand ;] thanks for explaining :D

  7. I Love it, Especially the Shorts

    ~ bracken1234