Talented Doll of The Week RESTART + Comp Winner!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Hello readers!
Today I'm going to announce the comp winner... And do a Talented Doll of The Week restart!
To the new followers who haven't read my posts about TDTW (Shorter name for Talented Doll of The Week), read this to know about it.

What is Talented Doll of The Week?
If you read my first post in this blog, you may know. Talented Doll of The Week isn't a competition, you don't need to do a task or some tasks to win. If you feel talented, but nobody has discovered it (Or only a few people have discovered it) you should sign up here, for a chance to be featured. For example, if you have talent at making Sceneries, you'll be featured here and I'll show your sceneries. People will visit your Suite and check out your Sceneries, and vote them 5/5 if they like your Sceneries. Then, you'll become popular and you'll have a chance to be Scenery Winner.
To sign up, please fill this form and post it on comment.
Stardoll name:
Why you want to be featured:
You can have more than one talent, but I'll only show the most interesting talent.
The lucky person who get featured will be announced next Friday, so you have more time to improve your talent!
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Now... Time to announce the comp winner!

Thanks to all the people who joined! Most of the answers are right, but as I said in the previous post, the first person who gives the right answer is the winner.
By the way... the right answer is:

And the winner is...

*Drum roll*


(Contact me on Stardoll to claim your prize)

Chai_bbs answered earlier than her, but she missed one thing - The ghost's eye.
Tanja/muffins97 is the first person who answered, but she missed two things - The green ball and the pink bracelet.
"You should be more carefully next time!"

That means Dama-rihanna will get 100 SC and she will be featured on my next post =]

P.S: I'm in love with this song, so emotional and touching!

See you on Tuesday!
~Scarlet_GG/Deana xx
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  1. Gosh. I didn't knew it counted D: Too bad.


  2. Stardoll name: iluvladygaga232
    Talent: Fashion
    Why you want to be featured:Because I think it would be interesting :] I would like to see what other people think with their honest opinions instead of just telling me "5/5" for starcoins.

  3. Stardoll name: Funkymoomoo1
    Age: 13
    Talent: Suite making/designing(ish) :o
    Why I want to be featured: I like making my suites but rarely have the money to make them and if I was featured here I would get more visitors, some of whom might buy from my sale so I would have money to do all my rooms eventually x]
    (If that sounds complicated, you should here my 'plan' for becoming covergirl :L)

  4. We still need more people to sign up :D

  5. Well Deana, you could count me in too :D

    Talent: Making graphics
    Why you want to be featured: To be known as a graphic designer, be shown on something at least ;p

    You can see some samples at http://lovechild13-kayannasgraphic.blogspot.com/

    or on my facebook pics