The Rarest dress on stardoll !

Sunday, November 20, 2011

 Hello ladies ;)
Today i got this from " sumz_kitty "
Here is her massage

 I visited " tinkheart07 " she is American member on stardoll since 2007-06-27
i read most of her guestbook they said that she has the rarest dress on stardoll

and here is the real version of it
Thanks to piggy908
I like it so much ! i wish i own it , it's the one which describe my style ;)

what about you ?
Have you ever see it before ?

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  1. Here is the real version:,r:2,s:0

    The link is so long!
    Username: piggy908

  2. I Dont like the dress, But she is lucky to have Stardolls Rarest Dress.

    ~ bracken1234

  3. It's really gorgeous in RL, but the SD version doesn't do anything for me. Rares? I don't get it... Sorry.

  4. I think it is gorgeous, but I don't think she is the only one who has it, I mean.. how could have she goten it that no one else has it?

  5. maybe it was a give away of the movie "the proposal" and not many people knew how to get it

  6. So Original.... Yes lets copy Underneath Stardoll( They just wrote about this dress). How pathetic are you? Might be one of the rarest dresses on stardoll, but also one of the ugliest dresses. Its pixels who cares if its rare?.. besides the wannabe collectors that just let there cloths sit on racks in rooms saying "HEY! Look i have DNKY and other pixel brand names"

  7. @ Seasonalhotbuys : i don't care if USD did the same post !!

  8. It was a competition on Stardoll and only one person got the dress.

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  11. P.S. I have watched the movie :D