Guess the Price!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ok the winner was the first person to comment!

Anway JanaStarlite gave me a wonderful idea!

A new way to submit your answer to guess the price! 
Send in your guesses to:
Send me a friend request with your guess! Remember though you will be denied in the friend request so that it's fair for everyone new too.
The winner will be a random pick of all the correct answers submitted.
If you are already my friend just doll mail me.

This way all the guesses are a secret!
Thank you Jana for the idea!

Anyway today's guess the price:
It is a ss skirt

Remember the new way to submit!
good luck!

xxxx itr15/Rosie

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  1. Entered. Thank you for the Post

    ~ bracken1234

  2. Thanks for using my idea. I think it is more fair.

    However, you have me totally stumped. I have been though starplaza and my own closet. Can't find it.

    You are TOO GOOD!! And congrats to anyone who even THINKS they've found it!!