Guess the price!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

In the last Guess the Price! I was surprised since only one person who was actually following the blog got it right!


Contact me to get your prize.

This time:

it is a NON-SS top

because it is hard I will give you a price range.

good luck little dollies
xxxx itr15/Rosie
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  1. Yeah it costs 74 starcoins and it's from Bonjour Bizou :)

  2. bonjuar bizou black lace bandeau 74 starcoins :)

  3. you guys all cheated ur not supposed to look it up or say the name xD

  4. it is obvious they cheated, lol.. maybe you should make it harder

  5. 74 sc
    actually its not cheating I asked if you could look the item up and she said yes. The reason for this is that she already blurred it out so u don'y know what u looking for :) and am i the only one who listened when she said DON'T NAME THE ITEM!! ??
    stardoll name: Indigo26

    xx Eid Mubarack to all muslims

  6. I'm still choosing a winner :)

  7. Maybe you shouldn't give a price range, and maybe don't say if it's ss or non-ss. I think that would me more of a challenge :) But don't mind me. Just and idea :D

    Oh, btw, it's 74 sc :D

  8. STOP naming the item! The next time someone names the item after this post or even posts which shop it is in you won't enter again! Sorry for being harsh but now it is soooooo obvious! I'm sorry but I might cancel this one. Stop naming the item! Sorry for being harsh.