DON'T! Makeup Mistakes + Poll

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hey dear followers! Today I would like to show you what mistakes you may do on your stardoll makeup and how to fix it. Many of you are maybe gonna laugh at these but BELIVE ME I've seen each one of them on medolls! I know it's hard to believe for the most of you :P we are:

So...Blush is one of the most annoying mistakes -.-

Then we have eye shadow...that's not a popular mistake(thank God!)

But the eyeliner pencil please don't try to do that! The product doesn't last for all the eye.

And last....the LIPSTICK! If you wanna put a lot of colours in it...please don't! I did geisha style lips so you can see the best way to put more than one colours on your medoll's lips :)



I think you've seen these highlights which are making the hair look like someone have splited on it. I think what I did looks better.....I hope so :D

And now the poll:

What would you like to see in my next post on Saturday?
Celebrity Look-A-Like
Another Tutorial
Makeup Tips N' Tricks In Real Life
Other (Leave a comment) free polls

That's for today folks! Please vote in my poll and leave a comment about my post :D

Love ya, B.E.P.Fan_4ever

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  1. @Ghandoora- Thank you so much sweetie :D

  2. Thank you :D Great Post. But I Love Both the lipsticks :D hehe

    ~ bracken1234

  3. Interesting post, even if I do disagree with your opinions. I love this kind of post.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  4. Thanks guys! I really appreciate your good words :D Don't forget to vote the poll!