Dama-rihanna's Suite + New Comp!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Hello readers!
Today we'll have another comp and I'll also show you the last comp winner's Suite, Dama-rihanna =]

If you visit Dama-rihanna's first room in her Suite, you'll be greeted by this:
(Click on the picture to enlarge)
I think it's simple, but looks so cozy. What do you think of it?
The second room:
Much better than the first one! Her outfit is more stylish. I love the furniture <3 So creative!
Now, let's check out her Scenery. When I clicked on "Scenery", I saw this:

It. Is. So. Beautiful! The flowers are adorable... The light makes it brighter... And I really like the poses!
Now, let's check out her Album. It only has 10 pages since she isn't a SS, but it's still magnificent!
The cover:

If you check her Album the bubbles will move.
Now the first and the second page:
Dama-rihanna introduces herself in these pages. I found nothing special here, but the small photos make it more colorful =]
The third and fourth page:
Her doll is so beautiful in these pages! The make up looks very natural. And I love the way she created her own headband using the flowers in the fourth page.
In these pages, she shows her photos. My favorite pages!

So wonderful... I love the sunset!

She also has a German blog called Dama-rihanna.blogspot.com, click HERE to visit it.
Now... Interview time! Here are the interview between me and Dama-rihanna.
*Lights, camera, action!*

Me: How did you discover the blog (Ghandoora the Boss)?
Dama-rihanna (DR): Ghandoora has writing in my Guestbook for follow her Blog :]
Me: Do you like joining competitions? If yes, why?
DR: Yes, it’s interesting x)
Me:What is your favourite competition?
DR: Create Looks (;
Me: Have you ever won a comp and get amazing prizes? What comp and where did you win it?
DR: Yes I have won a SS-Code and Stardollars.
Me: Your scenery is so beautiful! How did you get the idea to make it?
DR: I have listened the song: Wonderful Life by Hurts and…yes ;D
Me: Do you have your own blog?
DR: Yes, I have a German Blog: dama-rihanna.blogspot.com
Me: Do you write for any blogs about Stardoll? If yes, in what blog and what topic you write about?
DR: No, just in my Blog about Stardoll and the Real Life c:
Me: Last question... What or who is your inspiration?
DR: Coco Chanel *__*

That was a great interview and my first time interviewing someone on SD :D
Now that I'm done with Dama-rihanna's Suite, Scenery, Album, and interview... time to start the weekly comp.
This week's comp is... Scenery Comp.
In this comp, you must create a scenery inspired by a music video you've ever watched.
My example:
Inspired by Bring Me To Life - Evanescence music video
(For me that's such a bad scenery since it's the old one, I could have done better :P)
Printscreen it and upload it to Tinypic/Imgur/other sites, then give me the link to the picture on comment.
DON'T FORGET to include the real music video snapshot in the picture, or share it in a different link.
The prize is same as the previous comp.
The deadline is on Friday the 11th of November =]

PS: If you want to be featured in this week's talented doll, click HERE to sign up.

See you in the next post!
~Scarlet_GG/Deana xx
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  1. What an amazing suite! I love all the posts you've posted (not that i went like, all the way through the blog looking for them, why would you think that? :D)

  2. @DanceTillUDrop2
    LOL you'd better not doing that! My posts are always loooong though XD

  3. Everybody please join the comp, the deadline is on Friday so hurry!

  4. Okay, i Will Join but its Not that Great

    ~ bracken1234

  5. http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2010/11/17/article-0-0C1BAD25000005DC-913_634x431.jpg

    The Dress Moved a Little. Sorry x


    ~ bracken1234

  6. mmm... this is tough. If I have an idea i'll join ;)