Competition: Find The Missing Item!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Hello everyone!
It's November the 1st and also my 13th birthday :D I got many gifts and messages, but unfortunately the Evanescence new album still not available in the nearest store :(
Back to the topic, today I'm going to introduce my new topic, about competitions.
It can be any comps, not just best dressed or best look. I'll write about comps every Tuesday and announce the winner on Friday.
So... Today's comp is called "Find The Missing Item".
This is a game. I'll show you 2 pictures of my Suite, before and after.
All you have to do is find the missing items in my Suite in the second picture. To answer, you can copy the first picture and circle the missing items using Paint, then upload it to Tinypic/Imgur just like best dressed comp. I'll choose the first person who gives the right answer as the winner.
Oh, and the prize... The prize are 100 SC and featured in my next post (I'm not a SS now, but if I become a SS the prize may changed)
Let's begin!
Here is the first picture before I decorate my Suite:
(Click on the picture to enlarge)

And here is the second picture after I decorated it!

(Again, click on the picture to enlarge :D)

Can you find the missing things?

Have a nice day,
Scarlet_GG/Deana xx
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    ♥ tanja/muffins97



  3. The little green light under the television.

    Nee or Fellow Hufflepuffin


  5. awww wanted to enter this but too many ppl have got the right answers .. i think next time ;)

  6. Glad you like it :D
    I'll have a different comp next Tuesday, hope you can join!