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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Hey readers. How was you're Halloween? Did you all get some good candy? (: 

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Well, anyways It's November! Which topics for CG dish! 

New Topics for November!(:
-Overall Rating

I know, they're not really that different, but If you have a special topic in mind comment!

So, anyways our covergirl today is just plain beautiful. She has won covergirl two days in a row!
Meet rosy59.


Rosy59's outfit is fantastic! When I saw It, It just blew me away. Her top is something that I really like. Being on stardoll, I have experimented with many sorts of outfits. I have used the skirt and belt that she is wearing, but that top just completes the outfit! I really, really like it! Good job, Rosy59! Very impressive!

5 Stars!

You might not have realized, by Rosy59 is actually not a superstar. So, because of this I won't be judging her very harsh. Her main suite room is pictured above ^. As you can tell, Rosy is pretty creative for a non-superstar! Don't you think? I really like how she managed to match her furniture and choose very light, but pretty colors! But, of course being a non-superstar...Rosy59 cannot enjoy all the special features that superstars have, like, buying nice furniture. Which stinks! Stardoll membership really pisses me off. So, anyways. Nice job, Rosy!

4 Stars.


So, I really like Rosy59's makeup, but again it's really average and typical on stardoll. I'm not saying her makeup is bad at all-it's really nice-but it's something you expect to see on stardoll. Something that I really liked, was her blush. It looks very perfect, and natural! Nice job, but I wish you put more effort into it...

3 stars

Overall Rating is...
4 stars!

Amazing job, Rosy59!
You really showed us how non-superstars have style!


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  1. You are right! I think this CG dish was very fair! Can I have my doll dished please? My username is B.E.P.Fan_4ever Thanks ♥

    P.S. 1st post! YAY

  2. I always love to know that someone who wins CG is not SS.

    Great dish job!

    It would be interesting if you would take a look at me and my suite. You decide if it's worth a 'dish', OK?

    I'm JanaStarlite on SD as well.

  3. i was wondering if you could 'doll dish' me ?xx

  4. Can i have my doll dished? My doll name is itr15 :)

  5. sure you all can! Jennie is first bc i was supposed to dish her a while back

  6. Lol can I be dished? :] Im not the best but I would like to know what I could do to improve myself. :]

    my sd username is iluvladygaga232

  7. Sometimes Non-SS members have a pretty doll and amazing Suite, even they haven't ever been a SS. If we're creative we can have a nice look and suite even we're not a SS :D

  8. I want to be a doll dish!
    I told you twice and you said you would make me, but till now, my doll hasn't been dished :(

  9. Can my doll be dished please?
    I'd like to have an honest opinion of what my suite/doll is really like :]

  10. hey, halloween was Great thank you. I think Shes Really Pretty & its Rare for a Non-SS to Win. Im not finsished my Suite etc. Yet but I recommend you check out 14thNovember10. her Suite is Lovley & She has Only been Superstar once. Thank you for the post