Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Congratulations! The winner of the comp to win LE is the person who submitted: Outfits For Less -you make cheap but cute outfits for non-SS or SS- from Fiorama. Well done, you made an excellent effort and deserved to win. Well done to the other contestants as well, you are what makes this blog such a success! Contact me in 24 hours to receive your prize.

But I want to twist it a bit. Instead I will make an outfit and you guys have to guess how much that outfit costs! Who ever is closest to the real answer wins a ss gift. NO CHEATING AND LOOKING IN STARPLAZA!! For that reason I'm not going to tell you where the things are from. 

New competition! Only for followers (if You're not, easily become one) This time the Winner will get LE DRESS and a present everyday for 10 days. How to enter? Make me a banner for my new segment, outfits for less (Must include my medoll, username and have something to do with my posts.) then printscreen it and then upload it to (Tinypic, Photobucket...etc). After you finish fill the form to comments: USERNAME and LINK.It's not required to buy the item, simply use Starplaza :]

Deadline: 27th October

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  1. Your new segment looks interesting... I think I'll join the banner comp!

  2. @ Scarlet_GG / Deana I have done my first post can you give me some pointers please??

  3. What happenend? U made an other girl winning? I did a banner for the old theme u.u u deleted my comment with the banner? can I make again one...!? Im a bit confused..

  4. @ladyletshavefun you can make another banner. I just want another banner for my new segment.


    My entry =]
    SD username is Scarlet_GG


    Here it is^^ Hope you like it :D

    ~xoxo B.E.P.Fan_4ever

  7. Good luck to everyone who enters. I have no idea how to make a banner!

  8. Its pretty terrible but


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I'm an amateur at this because is the first time i have ever tried so bear with me! lol

    hope u like :)

    (stardoll name) Indigo26 xx

  11. it's so interesting :PI don't think I am in I am so busy with real life

  12. Indigo26 its awesome!? how is it possible that thats your first graphic! epic

  13. Indigos is nice :D I did one too! ^^ Maybe its not soo "epic" like hers but its also my first/second but i tried my best! ;D

    Hope u like it! ^^

  14. @MMAlovegirl
    (^_^) thank you for the nice comment i really haven't taken much interest in banners but i think i like doing it now:)

    @ Ladyletshavefun

    Thank u too, yours is really cool xx