Will pay real money?!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hello again! Last week Wednesday and Saturday you guys have probably (or probably not) wonder "where is she".... I think many not. As I have said in one of my previous post that I might do something different then just gossip since stardoll is getting quite boring. (We already have an interviewer). Why can't somebody make drama or something around here xD?LOL.

Last night when I was looking for something to write about I was visiting random people's suites if there is anything that will catch my attention and one thing did. I will not say this person's user name. But this person is actually selling their account for real money and actually some people will actually buy it. Take a look.
(Click to read presentation)

This person has a pretty good account with lots of rares, LE,hotbuys, ect... I found this interesting because people will actually pay up too $995 US. That's almost a thousand dollars! Just for some pixels -_-. Some people will do anything but do they forget there's the outside world as well. Just not stardoll.

xxx Kayanna

p.s Since I am not royalty atm can somebody tell me what this movie maker is about?
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  1. First of all.. Who the fuck would pay that? Second of all If you don't have every item on stardoll I mean every item then... Fuck off Lol...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. @ Seasonalhotbuys

    I know right?! But some people will actually do it which is crazy! lmao

  4. I wish i knew the peson so i could atually see what it is they are selling, not that i would want to buy it i wouldnt be that stupid on wasting my cash

  5. I cannot read the presentation. It doesn't get larger when you click it.

  6. @lozzie.900 She is selling rares for cash as well. starting from $5-$30 us I think...

    @ Janastarlite what browser are you using?

  7. That's a lot of money. :o! Who is that doll? I would like to see this 'rares'

  8. @ Laura I wouldn't want to say the person's account user.... I don't want them to be upset/mad at me for writing about them =/ that wouldn't be nice right?

  9. OMG! People are so crazy :P
    Personally I'd prefer to spend 995$ to buy a pair of Louboutins, they're so worth the money :D