That Time Again..

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hello, Starchels2010 here,
And that can only mean ONE thing....

Interview time is here again!

And I'm not taking anyone based on 'fame', 'fortune' or even 'talent'. I am choosing ANYONE. And ANYONE could be.. YOU :O

I have decided to chose a 'sport themed' interview. Want to be interviewed? Comment with..

  1. Your follower username.
  2. Stardoll username.
  3. Favorite sport and why?

And that's IT. Easy as 1,2,3. Hope to be seeing comments.

-Your Interviewer
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  1. Nice Idea :) But I'm not interested :)

  2. 1. Fiorama
    2. Volleyball
    3. Its a team sport, and you have to use your mind. Its not just physical, its focusing. Thats why I love it.

  3. 1. piggy908
    2. piggy908
    3. Soccer. I have always been interested so my Dad got me to join a club. I'm so happy, it's just a sport I love and always will love. The reason I love so much is because it's a sport where a team must work together and will only work if you work together.

  4. 1. Eris/MissAdelajda100
    2. MissAdelajda100
    3. Swimming because it's the only sport that I do great :P

  5. 1.Your follower username.iluvladygaga1[iluvladygaga232 wasnt allowed.]
    2.Stardoll username. iluvladyaga232
    3.Favorite sport and why?Basketball. because I love playing with other people, I love the way I feel after I make a goal, and the way I feel after play =]

  6. 1) B.E.P.Fan_4ever

    2) B.E.P.Fan_4ever

    3) Basketball. Because it is a team sport. I prefer it from Volleyball because it is a more active sport. You have to RUN! Steal balls from the SHOOT! I play a lot basketball with my friends and I think it is a great thing to do when you have time :D

  7. abbeydawn115
    It's a tough sport, but worth the practice. The feeling of accomplishment after your name has been selected to go to competitions, or the rush of excitement and confidence whilst doing your final tumble. The competition is harsh and practice is often long and physically draining. I love it though, but dislike others misconceptions of the sport sometimes,It's much harder than it looks. I love it so much :)

  8. 1.elli ♥ / oOtigerlillyOo
    2. oOtigerlillyOo
    3. horseback riding, cause i love nature and it's great, i adore animals [:

  9. 1. Monica
    2. dazzfairy18fan
    3. Badminton, Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, more. Because I'm a sporty girl :)I love to swim because for me its calm and yes you can relax If you lie down with your back on water. Badminton because I've been playing over many times:) Basketball my most favorite:) Volleyball, I love being in team with girls in volleyball and we win alot ♥

  10. WHY SPORTS? :O I think it should be open to all hobbies.

  11. 1.Niamh.7
    3.Horse riding; i love it because im intrested in it, and its fun and i love teaching the horses new things :)

  12. JanaStarlite

    I love Baseball. It used to be called the "American Pastime." But now it's slipping in popularity due to the fact that it's not action, action, action all the time.

    The game is really all about the pitcher versus the batter. That's it. The pitcher has a defense behind him to help him... by keeping runs from scoring. My favorite baseball game is low-scoring, maybe even a shutout, where no one from one of the teams scores a run at all.

    It's a very simple game that is more complex than most people know.