New Topic Survey: The Results!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hello readers!
Last week, I gave you a survey to complete. Now, I'm going to share the results and my opinion about the survey results! Thanks to all the people who submitted =]

 1. First of all, are you an old follower or a new follower?
Most of the participants are old followers. Well, new followers may not read my posts from the first post or they haven't read any of my posts here, because I only write on Friday and Tuesday. So I think the old followers know about my posts better than the new ones.
2. Did you read my posts from my first post here?
46% participants read my posts from the first posts, that means most of the participants didn't read my posts from my first post here. This isn't really important, though. If you haven't read any of my posts you can check the blog archive :D
3. What kind of topic do you like the most?
Talented Doll of The Week is the most voted answer! Maybe I have to get it back, since you seem interested with this topic!
4. Do you enjoy my posts?
I'm glad most of the participants like my posts, even not all of them. Thanks everyone! *Hugs the readers*
5. Do you want me to keep writing about Interesting Sites?
Some of the participants still want me to write about interesting sites, however, there are also some people who want me to write about other topic. This is why I created this survey, I want you to give your opinion about my posts and what kind of topic you want me to write about.
6. Do you want me to write about Talented Doll of The Week again?
I didn't know your feeling after I announced that I won't be writing about TDTW again. And after I saw the results... I know that most of you want me to write about it again. Something related to Stardoll is fun, I know. Now I'm thinking about getting it back (I don't know if Ghadeer would let me to write about this again)

7. What do you think about my posts? Any suggestions for the future posts?

(Click on the picture to enlarge)
Thanks for the compliments =] Without this survey I didn't know if you like my posts, except if you left some nice comments on my posts. Also thanks for your suggestions, I'll try to do them. Oh, and sorry, but I can't promote small blogs. Have you realize you can advertise your blog here? You can click on the "AD" bar to see more details.
8. Last question: What kind of topic should I write about? Any ideas?
(Click on the picture to enlarge)
 I've read the responses... All the ideas are great, anyway though the most interesting idea is competitions. If I'm a SS I might be able to give Stardollars as a prize, but if I'm not a SS you might get Starcoins/gifts/featured on this blog as a prize (I mean you'll be featured like Talented Doll of The Week but you'll also get interviewed). FYI I'm allowed to write about 2 topics here :D
I've ever posted about fashion sites, I think it's my second post here. You can read it HERE

I want to stop writing about Interesting Sites, writing about Talented Doll of The Week again, and write about a new topic about competitions. I have to tell Ghadeer about this! What kind of competition? See my next post on Tuesday =]

By the way it's my birthday on Tuesday the 1st of November! Yeaaah!!

~Scarlet_GG/Deana xx
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  1. Cool you'll keep posting about sites :D

    And OMG my b-day is in novemeber too :D

  2. I know this was anonymous but i am number 9 (the one who suggested competitions) I just enjoy them most of all (^_^)

  3. @Indigo26 Really? Yeah,your idea was interesting since comps are never boring :D

  4. hello my beautiful world
    hello everyone on this place!
    i am Kate