New Comp!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hi it's itr15 here!! Like my banner?? Wondering why it's blank??
That's where you guys come in!

I want to have a new topic on this blog but I don't know what to do!
I want you guys to give me some ideas here:

NO repeating ideas
NO ideas that are already being done on this blog!

If I find your idea interesting and I ask Ghandoora and she approves of your idea you shall win:
One piece of my LE or a gift everyday for 10 days if you are non-ss!

So hurry little dollies!!
Deadline: 25th October

xxxxx itr15/Rosie
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  1. Submitted! :D
    You're looking for new topics too?

  2. @Scarlet_GG / Deana yep because i can't keep doing comps and still be active :)

  3. Just submitted a topic idea, hope you like it x

  4. i submitted topic idea

  5. can i just post my idea here because i can't see how to summit in the little box...
    maybe a medoll vs medoll thing? two people with similar medolls and people vote the best and that person wins something. peole could enter to be in it or you could just find people... xx

  6. Maybe you could have...

    You could look at medolls designs? You could find medolls that have designed clothes and say what you like, how to design and stuff like that?

  7. Hey everyone! Please follow my blog!!!

  8. I like the medoll vs. medoll thing. I have no ideas of my own. My brain won't go there!