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Friday, October 21, 2011

Evanescence: at the top!

Amy Lee and her company managed it! After 4 years of abstention from music, they returned and brought the on! The sales of their new album titled, simply "Evanescence" It has alerady sold 127.000 copies and it has climbed up to the No1 of US albums chart from its first week of circulation. "What I can say is too small! We are thrilled" said the  frontwoman of the group. It is the second No.1 of album Evanescence. Before five years, their second disk "The Open Door" had been found in the top chart marking 447.000 sales.

This is the top 10:
1.Evanescence - "Evanescence" (127.000)
2.Adele "21" (111.000)
3. Scorry McCreery - "Clear as Day" (88.000)
4. Five Finger Death Punch - "American Capitalist" (91.000)
5. Lauren Alaina - "Wildflower(69.000)
6. Tony Bennett - "Tony Bennett: Duets ll" (55.000)
7. Ryan Adams - "Ashes & Fire" (49.000)
8. Lady Antebellum - "Own the Night" (47.000)
9. Lil Wayne - "Tha Carter IV" (45.000)
10. Martina McBride - "Eleven" (40.000)

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  1. Awesome :D
    So happy for evanescence :D They rock!!!

  2. I already know the news about Evanescence, but thanks for sharing!
    The album hasn't been released in my country too, maybe next week... I'll buy them!

  3. Good for evanescence! But I don't get this whole thing about Coldplay. Just don't get it.

  4. Omg. Stop with the stupid first comment thing :/