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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Video: Beyonce Knowles - Countdown!

Innumerable alternations of outfits, settings,, colors and expressions in new video clip of the pregnant Beyonce! The Queen B plays continuously with the lens, dances,  wears all the colors of the rainbow poses with clothes of pregnancy, reminding us what she waits for in certain months. The "Countdown ", that itself the video has Beyonce made with the Adria Petty, it is included in last album of Beyonce "4". Beyonce Knowles will participate in the tribute concert to price of Michael Jackson that will be released on 8 October.

Lady Gaga: the new frontman of Queen?

In the person of Lady Gaga saw the guitarist of Queen, Brian May the new singer of the historical group Queen! In his recent interview in the Daily Express, the 64-years-old musician revealed that the Queen want to find somebody to undertake the phonetic of the band in order to start again tours. And that Lady Gaga - as long as incredible it is to hear - is one from the individuals they have thought!

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  1. i am just in LOVE with the new song of Beyonce it's so awesome:P i am singing it right now lol

  2. Lol me too :D
    I love beyonce, she's amazing♥

  3. Beyonce is amazing....I love the beginning of the song:D

  4. haha YAY! 2 days for the evanescence new album left ;D

  5. I have that song as my ringtone on my phone its amazing