Sunday, October 02, 2011

Hi guys! I just wanted to let you all know, thank you for all the comments, I'm glad you all like my posts!

But, unfortunatley today I can't post): I was looking foward to it, but a tragic thing happened. My uncle passed away): My aunt has been devestated, and to make it worse...yesterday her house almost burned down! She has had a couple rough months since he died. (He died a while back, but she was devistated, so we had to postpone the funeral)

I'm still stunned, and she really needs me to be there today at the funeral, plus they are coming over for dinner today, I'm so sorry guys):

The good news is that she is recovering as the days go on, and she is a very strong woman, which helps a lot!

So, I will post on Wednesday!

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Thank you for understanding
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  1. So sorry to hear about your tragic loss- my condolances to the departed.

    I wish to apply for CG dish, however I have never been cg before. Would this be a problem? x

  2. Aw :(. I would also like to apply for the CG Dish. But did we need to be CG Before???

  3. i'm sorry =(

    i would like to be dished too however, i haven't been cg but i have been ncg twice. Is that ok?



  4. coolgirl185 to be dished

  5. btw my stardoll username is Indigo26

  6. I am so sorry for u =( =(

    I hope ur feeling better :'(