Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hello everyone, instead of writing my usual posts on "Covergirl Dish" I would like to reflect upon 2 comments that my last post got. Here are what the two "haters" had to say....

My Answer

What really annoys me is how this one girl "GossipQueen" is posting on her blog, how she believes that the hacker "mizzmileycyrus9" is feeling sympathy for trying to act upon cyber bullying, and how she feels that he's In Quote "Apparently, he is now taking action against cyber-bullying. Just another [failed] attempt at gaining attention.WAIT A COTTON-PICKIN' MINUTE!!!!! This post is giving him all the attention he wants." Usually, I would agree, but young Reece is upset because bullies are make fun of his friend. Does that seem like a desperate cry for attention? No. 

Also, if you're a regular reader of my posts, you would know that I include the fine print that states how I am not trying to hurt any feelings. 

So, really my central message is ...
Don't write something mean online, because it's always there.

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  1. I think your posts are true. I looked at your last cg post and I completely agreed with you. she was boring.

  2. no you're not honey. being mean to people is like being known as mizzmileycyrus9. ghandoora will probably block you. she's not a fan of haters.

  3. I was not being MEAN, I was being HONEST. Theres a distinct difference.

  4. Not to be a tattletale but...

    Kkrrbb78 was saying how ugly the CG's outfit was, how horrible her makeup was, and how boring her suite was.

    Sounds kinda mean to me...
    Just sayin'...
    I wouldnt like it If somone said that to me...
    What if the girl being posted about saw that...
    How would she react...

    Im in a dotty mood. ............... Tee Hee .........

  5. To sum up my post, kkrrbb78 was being pretty mean and harsh as well.

    Im outta here yall. PEEAACCEE.

  6. Okay I understand for the sake of "entertainment" that these offensive things are said but I also agree with the fact that they aren't exactly nice things to say, even though I have agreed with some of the things you have said, doesn't mean you have said them in a nice way. I really hope that didn’t offend you, but there is always a nice way to say things and a mean way and you kinda graze over the line sometimes.

  7. mm... some of the things you say are in fact true and I think if you are dished and maybe its not a very positive rating then you should use that to improve- but maybe just maybe you could say it in a nicer way plzzz don't get me wrong as a hater too

    xx Indigo26

  8. will you please just leave kayci alone, she tells the truth in her post. what do yo want her to do? lie?!?! i think her posts represent the truth and she is only stating her opinion and ways to improve! can't people understand that? x

  9. You do put some bad points out but you also do good ones too. Some of the CGs are terrible and undeserving and I love how you just tell it how it is and say what you think. Everyone's got their own opinions, I think that haters should just go away because it's just one persons opinion.

  10. And gossip queen, you've got your opinion and she's got hers and she is telling it how it is.. Like it or not, she has a job on this blog and you don't.

  11. This CG dish is just for entertaining, not for teasing. Like best and worst dressed.

  12. @GossipQueen, your not famous. Get over it. And I'm probably not going to check this comment section again, so you can say what ever BS you want. I ain;t gonna see it.

  13. thanks guys, but a lot of people seem to think they're mean so idk...should i keep writing about this?

  14. yes, you should keep writing about this ! x

  15. @Kayci,
    keep writing ♥ keep writing.
    Your fan - OrangeAnnax

  16. I honestly don't see why people are like making a massive deal out of this! It's HER opinion, and yes it may be harsh but once again, its HER opinion. If you agree, then agree if you don't, you don't. You all have your own opinions too so i don't see why your all having a go at her for having an opinion.

  17. So they're hating you for your opinions?
    Keep doing what your suppose to be doing
    haters make you famous darling
    - Kayanna

  18. ^
    Haters make you FAMOUS??

    Keep hatin' on me people.