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Monday, October 17, 2011

Lady gaga made a dress with the faces.. of her fans!

It is not few times where our Lady Gaga has said that she goes nowhere without her little monsters. So the super Star asked to make her a dress...  above in which will be the photographs of her thousands fans! Of course the particular dress Lady Gaga wore in the advertise of new line of cosmetics and products of the beauty MAC Viva Glam, of which she is muse. 

The designer of the dress is the best friend of the singer, designer of fashion and Fashion Director of Haus Of Gaga, Nicola Formichetti, which chose one-to- one the photographs and he printed them on a really nice buckram.
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  1. Gaga is cool ...
    Rihana is .... idk what////

  2. I like your banner you made but here's a tip... when your shading inbetween the legs make it darker there... it will look more realistic

  3. And why is everyone obsessing over first comments?

  4. Love the banner, even pink isn't my favorite color =]