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Monday, October 03, 2011

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" Happy New Month I wish to all of you our wonderful viewers!
Welcome to our weekly show, 
"Gossip News On Ghandoora The Boss"
presented by me, Ronnie :) 

We are here again, with Christine and Suzan, to inform you about what's happening in the world of showbiz! 

So let's start with Taylor Lautner, am I saying it right Suzan?

- Yes, I have brought some hot news about him for you!

Taylor Lautner BROKE UP! 
Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins  are a memory from the past. According to publications, the couple has broken up for certain weeks and this time it is final. Of course, because above from all, they are professionals, both of them assisted in the priemere of the film "Abduction" where they co-star and they were in photographed together in the red carpet. 
This is called a broke up! :)
So good news for the Taylor-mad girlies! Jacob is single again!
So let's see some photos from the premiere of the film:

And the official trailer of the movie:

-Bad news for them, good news for you Suzan!! hahaha!

-Haha yes, I am a little bit mad about him! And he is single now, YAY! 

-Thank you very much Suzan!!

So let's go to Christina now!
How are you Christina?

-Me, I am nice! I have some so breaking news about you!! 

AMY WHINEHOUSE: She was planning to get married!
Before Amy Winehouse left from life, had made drawings for marriage, revealed in his interview her most recent companion, Regg Traviss. 
"Yes, of course. We had thought of marriage. We had not fixed the date but it was a discussion that had made enough times." 
Traviss revealed that  he still hasn't realised that the Amy has been left forever:
 "It was a difficult sense. Loose somebody. Thus simply. A moment speaking with her, the next she had left. We left all the discussions on our life, together, in middle... "
Traviss and Amy began to date in June 2010, and  he has declared that she made him a "click".

Rest in peace Amy... :/

-What bad news! I wish Amy was alive, to be married temporarly!

-I think everyone does Ronnie..

-Anyway... That's life...

Suddenly, this is the end of our show! Good Night from all of us!!


- See you again on Friday, with "Music News on Ghandoora The Boss " 


That was it for a 3rd time!!
Waiting for your comments!
Wow, it took me an hour!
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  1. Taylor should get a tan.y'know how hot if he would be if he did ;D

  2. Poor Amy :(

    And, OMG Tayolor is so HOT ♥♥♥

  3. It will be so good if Amy would be married but what to doo :/

    And Taylor Just like all other VIPs brake up every 1 month lol:P