Visual tricks

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Visual tricks, are my favorite kind of tricks. Today I would like to present for you some of them! They keep me wondering how could people make them and how our brain works!

1- The diagonal lines are parallel. (Zöllner illusion)

2- There are no gray spots at the corners of the squares.

3- The center circles are both the same size.

4- Warped Squares?

There are no curved lines in these figures. You can use a ruler to check it out.
The diagonal patterns created by the tiny squares distort the perception of the picture. 

5-  Shifting gears
Afterimages of complementary colors create apparent movement in our peripheral vision
as our eyes shift across the page. 

6-  Color Vision Test
People with normal color vision can perceive numbers formed by patterns of colored dots in every circle. If you do not see some of the numbers, you should have your eyes checked and consider working in a job where color discrimination is not critical.

7- Word Color Test 
In this test DO NOT READ the words, say aloud the COLOR of each word.

8- Sneaky People 
These people are shifting places trying to hide. Sometimes you can count 13 people and sometimes 12. Who is missing when the count is 12?

Eventually, What do you think about this picture?

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