Covergirl .. R.I.P?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

63emly64, is the Covergirl on stardoll, she is from Turkey, I went to her suite and I saw that she is died! Many members wrote on her guestbook,

  Which mean: "R.I.P"

Which mean:  "I wish you're at the end of my dear cg görseydin mature. get the space of heaven"

 Which mean:  "I know him, but my friend told me everything he was one of the best friends that died 1 hour before the evacuations, and he told me yesterday that now entered the Stardollars yaşasaymış that moment that I wish I was an angel olsaymış dünde cg real angel"

 Also, rojda32 wrote in her presentation :

So .. She died yesterday and today she won?
Should we say rest in peace?
What do you think?
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  1. Of course we say rest in peace this is very sad and we should all comment in the guestbook, it says on the page she's a girl not a boy.

  2. Iknow it since yesterday, It's so sad! She had Leukemia. :(

    p.s. her sister is logging in for her!

  3. i heard she was 11 and died on her birthday from Leukemia so her friends made her covergirl as a goodbye. If it's true its a very sad story. my condolences to her friends and family. xx

  4. At first i was confused too wether it was real or not but then... =( R.I.P

  5. I heard about this and I think she was a wonderful and inspiring person

    - Megan

  6. Yes RIP my sweeet ... aawhh bless her :(

  7. Oh :( Stardoll chose the right covergirl! :)

  8. oh i feel so bad :( poor child.. this is the first time i am seeing such an emotional thing on stardoll ,..