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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

 (This is the banner preview. New banner coming soon! I used the font to celebrate Evanescence's newest music video and their upcoming album =] )
Hello readers!
I know I should be posting every Tuesday, but yesterday I was busy. I started school this week... And it's so tiring. I wish schools in real life are like virtual academy clubs on Stardoll :D
Anyway, let's go back to the topic, about interesting sites.

I found this cool site a few days before my vacation. You may have heard about it, or visited it.
The site is Wittyprofiles.com, where you can get many quotes to be shared on FB, add it to your presentation on Stardoll, tweet it on Twitter, and many more.
Here is the homepage of Witty Profiles:

If you scroll down, you will see more profile quotes. There are tons of profile quotes submitted everyday - Like what the page said, "Millions of Profile Quotes".
Sometimes it shares funny quotes, that is why I like to visit this site and read the quotes.
In my opinion, Witty Profiles is like Twitter but we can share quotes with HTML codes and longer characters.
In the top of the homepage, you will see this:

You can see the newest quotes, Top 24 hours quotes, 7 days, 30 days, 365 days... and Ever? Yes, most favorited quotes ever.

Here are some of the quotes in Witty Profiles. I only give a few quotes - There are more cool quotes in the whole site :D
Enjoy the quotes!

You Know what's beautiful?

Read the first word again.

You Should Have Thought Twice

Before You

Let it All Go.


you've just gotta

give up

when i'm in the car

and a sad song comes on the radio, i stare out the window and act like i'm in a movie♥ 

Do you like the profile quotes?
You can also add the quotes to your favorites and submit your own profile quotes if you already signed into Witty Profiles.

Oh yeah! Yesterday was the release date of Evanescence's What You Want music video! I really like the video. It's... Magnificent. Different than their other videos.
Here is the official video, if you haven't watch it because it's blocked on your country =]

See you in the next post!
~Scarlet_GG/Deana xx
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  1. Yes i like some of them and i post them on my facebook :D

  2. I have a witty profile :) my witty nickname is eouin :)

  3. I love Witty profiles :D
    I create presantations for my friends there :)

  4. Aw Honey could you tell me the font of evanescence? I've been searching for it for about a year! :)

  5. @eouin: Mine is MyImmortalLife, Witty rocks!
    @DEMI_LOVANTO_2: It is called Evanescent, search for "Evanescent font download" on Google =]

  6. @Scarlet_CG: Thank you so much for the information!