Who will most likely to be voted

Thursday, September 08, 2011

As everybody knows MSW is here again, and this time we're a loud to vote but I find it unfair because the elites/famous dolls will most likely to get the most votes. Last year of how they organized it was fair in square and Perilice2 deserved it. I am not saying this because I am jealous but how I prefer last year's MSW contest. In my opinion I think who will have a chance of winning is JoannaBG. If you saw the album winners of today and yesterday you will notice the JoannaBG won twice in a row.

She has constant visitors 24/7 (even before today and yesterday)

For those who don't know who she is she is known as the stalker on stardoll (she visits half of stardoll's members in one day I thought only Callie/admin could do that! What are your opinions of who might win?

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  1. Stardoll stalker win MSW? Sounds weird...
    Anyway I think MSW winner should be a person who has many friends and everyone loves her =]

  2. Emmm Yeah and i saw a lot of people saying on her gb stop visiting me etc...And that's too bad:/

  3. I agree with Deana!
    It is so unfair to give her the MSW crown when nobody loves her!

  4. She visit me a few times my sister and cousins on stardoll and every time i visit someone i see she has visited her too FREEEAAAAKKKYY! :O how long does she spend on stardoll?!!

  5. That's stupid. shes not a stalker just bc she likes to visit ppl...