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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hey everyone...I am not posting today because I might want to change who I "Dish" on. I've heard many, many requests asking If I can do their doll, and I know...If someone I knew did the topic, I would say it too.

Also, I've heard many rude, and mean comments that I honestly don't appreciate. Honestly, I work hard and I post for you guys, so If you don't like my work then don't read it, or don't leave a mean comment. It's as simple as that. I know, everyone is different, and I know I'm not trying to sound mean! I just want everyone to know that I actually read the comments and It hurts me to know how many people don't like my work, and feel like they can just be mean and say whatever they want, so please if you want to comment, say it nicely! And if you don't like my makeovers/ etc. just say something like: "I enjoy your posts, but I think you should of done.........but good job though!" That will let me know what you guys like and how I can change it to make you like it, Okay? (;

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