Perilice2 back in the game?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hey Guys! Finally the MSW Finalist are here! as I was looking through the countries to see all the finalist Perilice2 is a finalist for turkey (again)! Last year she won and I think she well deserved that crown.

To my surprised she didn't ask for any votes as I was reading her presentation (kinda since its Turkish)

I do not believe that I'm a turkey finalist :)) When I heard this I was very surprised because it really did not do anything for it, I would like to thank everyone who vote and support me!:)

What do you guys think of her being back in the game? Is it fair? or Unfair? let me know in your comments

xxx Kayanna
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  1. I think its fine but I think some ppl think its unfair. I think its fair bc she has a lot more competition now and bc why shoulfn't she be on there? She deserved to win last time. And I remember seeing her broadcast sometimes.

  2. I agree a bit with iluvladygaga1, but, look, imagine, she is the finalist of turkey, who goes to the final, **UNFAIR FOR OTHER TURKISH MEMBERS**, And wins msw again? And we say: Perilice2, miss stardoll world on 2010, 2011,...? Unfair!

    Also she gets most votes, because everyone knows her, she is the most popular girl, remember? She is the miss stardoll world!


  3. She is there maybe because she deserves it...

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  5. But if she will win than that weill be soo unfair!!

  6. i sorta thinks it unfair because other people are spending their money trying to win MSW and here she comes and pops up just cause she was MSW winne rlast year. BS! i think she should sorta step down and give toher participants who deserve this a chance(: