*No anxiety at dates, just enjoy the moment.*

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello guyz!

How are you all? Having troubles with school homework and a very tiring routine? I really hope you're not! Anyways, relax a little bit now and read the next chapter of "Love Rules".

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Now, Enjoy!


                                                  Love Rules
                                                By Fairydew

Rule No #12: No anxiety at dates, just enjoy the moment.
So I was preparing for my very first date with Mike like two hours before it. I had a bath, washed my hair, made a nice hairstyle, wear my hottest and at the same time innocent outfit, I wore bracelets and other accessories, wore make up and my new high heels. I was looking so beautiful from top to toe, still I was really really nervous.

'Casey don't be like that! You'll not have fun if you are so anxious!', Jessie told me. The truth is I'm always like that, anxious, when I have something important to do. But the date was all about fun, so why I wasn't calm? I knew why. I wanted to have the perfect day, the perfect very first kiss and everything.

And I had them. I finally relaxed and went to the cafe with Mike and we were talking, laughing, we actually got to know each other better and then it happened.

'You have so beautiful eyes..', he told me. I thanked him and we couldn't get our eyes off of each other. Then, he kissed me. It felt so great, I was like the happiest girl in the world.

So what I want to say is that you shouldn't be anxious in these things, just relax and enjoy the moment. Good Luck!

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