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Friday, September 23, 2011

VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez - PaPi

Premiere made on Monday 19 of September the new video clip of Jennifer Lopez for her new single "Papi". In the beginning story, J-Lo eats a magic biscuit that makes her so amazing and causes agitation in all the men's population of the city. See new video clip the J-Lo below! Your own comments!

Bruno Mars writes the soundtrack of Breaking Down!

"It Will Rain" is the title of the new single of Bruno Mars. And it doesn't end here! The song, as it was announced in the official site of Bruno Mars, will dress musically the latest film of Twilight Saga, "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" . Track is expected to circulate via iTunes on 27 of September while the soundtrack of the film comes out on 8 November. Are you looking forward for it?

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  1. Thank you for the news :D
    +first comment

  2. I love JLo's new song and I can't wait till breaking dawn will be on cinemas :D

  3. Wow, Evanescence new songs! I've been searching for the new songs and couldn't find them - They are all blocked :(
    I love both songs!

  4. the change is great!
    evanescence awesome!!

    Papi so funny!!