JoanneBG mystery revealed....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hi again! I know this is my second time writing about JoanneBG but, whats there to talk about? its the same thing "vote me msw" or "I spent 1000sd on broadcast for msw" and blah blah blah. I'm pretty sure everyone wants that crown but they're that desperate?

You know how everybody keeps on saying of how JoanneBG is a stalker? I went to visit her club and she tells everybody how she visits so many people...
(Click picture to read)

This is what she wrote on her club's presenation...

Hi everybody!
Because the friend's lists are limited up to 5000 members,I decided to create a special club, where everybody can join and be my friend :)


As Intro i will mention some rules following by FAQ:

1.It is forbidden to create discussion or posts which have no relation to the owner i.e. me, Joanna

This means that is forbidden to post text like:

"Vote me for..."

"Visit my starbazar"

"Join my club"

2.This is fan club, not hater's club.Any bad language means imeediate ban

FAQ (frequent asked questions):

1.Why do you visit everybody

Because I like to see the other dolls, their hair styling, dresses, furniture.I like to communicate with interesting people.Also this is not illegal.I dont speak to the people, I dont offend them.Clear?

2.How do you visit so many people?

I visit some body, after I visit all her/his friends and their friends.After the start visiting me, speaking about me,etc.

Mystery Revealed :D
Hopefully when that msw contest is over there will be something good to write about
Good luck (For those who are participating in the contest ♥

xxx Kayanna
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  1. Mmm...It is better now I never said anything to her....But hope that people who said bad things to her will see this:D

  2. LOL I thought she was a hacker or cheater since she won CG last year with an average look :D

  3. She likes to visit my suite and I was like,"What do you want from me? Do you like my pres. which is 25% about blogs, 50% about me and 25% about Ev & J. Franco? Nothing interesting in my Suite and pres. !"

    PS: What if JoannaBG is also a Ghandoora reader?

  4. Uh, I feel better now, I thought she was a hacker :S

  5. Nvr thought she was a hacker, just a person who everybody voted for. :) why is someone called a stalker just bc they visit a lot of ppl??? its a way to be popular!