It's Been A While Since My Last Post Here...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello readers!
It's been a while since my last post here.
These weeks, I'm so busy with school, homework, and tests.
In the next two weeks I will have an examination...
"I wonder if our school in real life are like virtual academy clubs on Stardoll. Online school! I don't really like real life school, we must go to a building, bring a bag with a lot of books and stationery. In the academy clubs on Stardoll, we only need an Internet connection and a computer to go on Stardoll and meet our school friends."
By the way, do you like my new banner? I'm getting bored of my old banner, and since I found more ways to edit a picture or making a graphic, I decided to create a new banner.
Today I'm going to post a video... I know this isn't my topic, but I don't have much time to post about sites.
Interesting sites post will be back on Tuesday =]
Hope you like my first made-fun-with-Evanescence video!

See you in the next post!
~Scarlet_GG/ Deana/ Amy Franco Lestrange SquarePants XD
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  1. Your new banner looks so cool :D
    I love it ♥

  2. You too huh? school has been up to me as well =(

  3. I like your new banner and same here ,school is in my country too

  4. Yeah, school is here too T.T
    Thanks for liking my banner :D