it's all about... DIOR!!!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Hello, first of all i want to apologize for missing my last post on previous monday but i really had to because of eid so i wanted to wish a moubarak eid to each one who celebrate it!!
Now i will let you know about what's going to turn around today, well i this can summerise it very well and it is:

Today i went to bring you some of the most attractive dior sketches and illutstraions, not only about coktail or bal dresses and fashion but also perfumes advertisements that are very old like in the 60's or even lipsticks with so glamour colours! enjoy!!

yes this is an illustration!! i know it looks so real :o

Ihope you liked it because i really enjoyed looking for these sketches and illustrations on the net :)!!
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  1. love this vintage sketches!

    and i sure u enjoyed the searching coz thats one of my favorites things: web surfing to find images!