I'm sorry but..

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hey Guys

No banner for today, cause this is not a post.

As school started, I realized it will be a difficult year and I also have some other activities and unfortunately, I'm not allowed to surf the net, so that means I can't log into stardoll.

And this is where I say that I'm leaving. I'm really really sorry, I don't want to leave, I LOVE this blog and I hope that if I'll be back, I would still be able to write here. I'm really sorry, I wanted to continue the story, I had great ideas but..

Thank you for all  your love or hate,

and I hope to see you soon,

maybe shining as I always wanted to.


Fairydew xxx
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  1. =( I hope you do very well in school and keep your mind on your homework. School is very important it should always be number one... I hope you come back soon


    Kayanna ;D

  2. i can't believe it u left bbs and this uhh this is horrible (I have a more optimistic comment on the bbs one u'd prefer to read that one)

  3. I am so so sad! I'm gonna miss you so much and nobody can replace you :(

    At least hope you'll get good greades at school and have a beautiful school year.

  4. I'm also busy with school and can't be online as much as I want.
    I can understand why you need to leave, school is more important.
    Hope it's for the best.
    Wish you a great luck =]

    ~Scarlet_GG/Deana/ Amy Franco SquarePants XD