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Thursday, September 01, 2011

                                                                      Love Rules
                                                                    By Fairydew

Rule No 10#: Show your interest.

So if anyone of you out there thinks that the only thing you have to do is just sit on your chair and wait for the prince to come, I'm sorry but this is kind of wrong. You know, yesterday school started and so many new boys and girls were there. Or should I say cute boys? Yeah, so many handsome boys that my best friend Jessie got starstruck. 'OMG look at them, they are so many cute boys in just one place!', she was repeating all the time.

But for me, there was only one that got my entire attention. Mike. That cute, newbie, who has blue hypnotizing eyes, got my eyes staring at him. 'What are you waiting for? Go and talk to him!', Jessie told me. I was ready to deny because I am to shy to do this, but then I thought ' Why not? If I like him, then I should show it to him!'.

So I walked bravely till the place he was and 'Hey I am Rubin, I see you're new here. What's your name?' 'I am Mike. Nice to meet you, Rubin! I hope we'll be in the same class. Who doesn't want to be in the same class with such a pretty girl?' , he replied to me. I almost fainted when I heard that, but instead, we kept talking and guess what? He is in my class!

So my point is, you can't just sit there and wait for the miracle to happen. You have to GO for IT! NOW!
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