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Friday, September 30, 2011

hey everyone! Today we have the Music Show :) On comments, you said you prefer the show from the simple music news :) So I will continue it, as long as I can with my lessons (the show takes me more time)
So go!

"Hello everyone, and welcome to our show "Music News On Ghandoora The Boss" with Ronnie :)

Everything happening in the world of music is revealed now!

So let's don't loose time, and go to our profession journalist Mary Saymon!

-Welcome Mary!

-Thank you Ronnie :) I am glad to be on the first Music News' show! Also congratulations for your gossip News show, I saw it on Monday!

-Oh, Thank you Mary! So, what's going on today?

-Many things underway, but the hottest?

Enrique Iglesias ft Jennifer Lopez - Mouth 2 Mouth!
So, the duet of Enrique Iglesias with Jennifer Lopez "Mouth 2 Mouth" was presented online! The song, that will also circulate as single (you see the cover) will be contained in the re-release of the latest album of Enrique "Euphoria". 
Listen to the Mouth2Mouth now! 

-Hm, it has a nice beat!

-Yes I know! I love the song, I am sure it will be very well-recieved!

-I agree! Thank you Mary for the information!

So let's go to Justin Bieber now! Lilian will inform as about that talented 17-year-old boy!

- Yes Ronnie, thank you!
I've just learnt
On November cicrulates the Christmas album of Justin!
"Under the Mistletoe" will be titled the new Christmas album of Justin Bieber. The disk is expected to circulate - in America at least - on November 1st and in particular one dollar from each sale will be sold for charitable aim.
The only thing we already know is that the album will includea collaboration with Boyz II Men, titled "Falalalala", as well as a duet with Usher. 
The 17-year-old Canadian Star attends to keep his fans daily aware via Twitter: "Shootings today for a new video for Christmas album." he wrote on Wednesday 28 of September. "Christmas comes early this year!"

-Realy interesting, Thank you Lilian!

So that was it, our show came on it's end! 

See you on Monday, with the "gossip News On Ghandoora The Boss" show :)

Goodnight from all of us! 
And remember something:
Music is just like life, it always continue!  ""

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  1. Uh and I love your "show" too :D U rock!!!

  2. I love enrique and Jennifer's song it's amazing:P
    and thanks for the news of justin bieber

  3. i went to the filming of the Justin Bieber music video because it was in my town!!!! It was nuts haha.

  4. @Booksie :OMG you saw Justin Bieber on real liiiiiiiiiiife?!

  5. yeah i saw him. i was there for like 3 hours in the rain. they filmed till like 5 am