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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Starchels2010 Reporting..

Hello there and welcome to another interview conducted by me, Starchels2010! 
Today I will be Interviewing Hebafares96 winner of Mission Fashion Competition! 
Here is Hebafares96 in her beautiful suite. :)(:

It was so nice interviewing her, she is very humble in every way, here is the interview. 

1. What is style to you?
-It is very important to have my own sense and taste of style which defines my 

2. Now that MSW has begun, do you see it as an opportunity or something that could drop your confidence and self-esteem? 
-No I have full confidence in my doll, that even she can participate in MSW.

3.What would you do if you could become a finalist in MSW?
-I'll take it as a big opportunity and make my dreams come true.

4. Do you think it will affect your "Stardoll life" at all?
-Yes, In Perfection!

5. What would you say are your strong points and weaknesses in life?
-My strong point is, I like to design and recommend on people's different styles. My negatives: I'm too hyper that sometimes i lose my patience. 

6. How can you improve on this? Have you already started improving?
-Yes, the only solution is not to lose my patience and I am starting to lose my temper.

7. What have you learnt over your years on stardoll?
-My style of clothing and passionate changed and my flavors of colors in my clothing changed, and I met people from all along the world!

8. What are your goals on stardoll?
-I hope to become one of the 12 popular designers. 

9.Would you say you have self-confidence and determination?
-Yes, I think I am the right person and I am full of self-confidence.

10. Lastly, What are your future aspirations concerning careers?
-Hopefully in the future, I will be a great and professional designer that's admired all around the world!

Well there we have it! Thank you so much for letting me interview you, darling, I hope you all enjoyed this interview! 

Remember if you would like to be interviewed too, comment with:
  • Your stardoll user.
  • Your follower name.
  • Why you should be chosen to be interviewed.

Until then, enjoy the rest of your day.  

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  1. Your stardoll user:elisavetdella
    Your follower name:elisavetdella
    Why you should be chosen to be interviewed:Because Ihave very much style,also because I love this blog and I am an active follower!!!:D