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Monday, September 26, 2011

(today our gossip news will be a tv show! xD I am in a nice mood, and i thought of this, hope u like it!)

"""Hello everyone and welcome to our new show
"Gossip News On Ghandoora The Boss" 

I am Ronnie, and I am the presenter of this amazing programme!

Today we have some special news for all of you who are sitting at your sofas and watching our TV show :)

So for a start, we managed to shoot 
Angelina Jolie as a pilot! 

Our journalist "Christina" is here to tell us some details about it!
Welcome to our show Christina, it's our honor to have you here!
- Oh thank you, the honor is all mine! Congratulation for this new show! 

So let's go!
Ah, rich people... Even if most little boys grow up playing with small, plastic airplanes, the young Maddox (beyond that he already has his iPad ) learns to play with planes... in ethers! 
Angelina took her oldest son and went for a... flight (what's more... normal!) to pass their time. The famous Star has diploma of control of small plane from 2005. Take a flavour in photo gallery that follows!

-Thank you very much Christina for the news! Nice pictures!
-Thank you!

So now, ladies and gentlemen, let's go to our 2nd topic!
We have just learned that
 Rayan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock may get married!

Our well-known journalist Suzan is here to talk you about it!

-Welcome Suzan to our new show!
-Thank you Ronnie! Firstly I want to say congratulations for this new show, it is really nice!
-Thank you Suzan!
-And now to our topic.. 
Things get serious for Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, according to recent publications. Fames want them to be thinking about moving together in the house of Bullock in the Austin (Texas) and share their relation between L.A. and Austin "until it's found a longer-term solution". According to the Hollywood Life the 47-year-old actress and her 34-year-old lover think about marriage, and also to adopt a child. "Her Ryan said that he is ready and that whenever she wants that they can be married" it declared individual of their narrow environment. 
So let's hope Sandra will think quickly, and marry him! 

-Thank you again Suzan for your information!
- My pleassure!

So somewhere now, we must end our small show!
See you next Friday with our other show:
"Music News On Ghandoora The Boss"

Until then... Have a wonderful time!"""

So that was my show! Should I continue it, or it's better to write as Christine myself, than Ronnie with Suzan and Christina?
Tell me your opinion, otherwise I won't know what is better!

Kisses my wonderful viewers ;D
byebye, the journalist Demi_Lovanto_2!

(p.s. If you want me to continue our show, tell me, I must make a banner about it!"
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  1. I think you must continue writing about this:D
    aNd Angelina looks perfect as a pilot :D