Covergirl Dish

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Hey everyone! So, topic has been changed, but oh, well, I'm fine with this topic! I will now be writing about "Covergirl Dish"

What's Covergirl Dish? Well, every Wednesday, and Sunday, I'm going to rate the covergirl with 4 categories.
- & Presentation

And I will give her an overall score.

Todays winner is....Shaz.D

For her makeup I'll give her a 3.5 out of 5. The little "MCR" tattoo is a little odd....but probably if you know her, there would be an explination. Also, her doll doesn't really stand out that much, It's the same black and white smokey eye look with blush, and LUXE Lipgloss. One thing I do like is her highlights! Let me tell you, when I put highlights on my doll it looks really fake, but this looks good!


I really, really love her outfit....but the one thing I don't like is her pink hair ribbon. I mean, it just ruins the outfit...If she didn't have it on I would give her a 5, but do you see any other pink on her outfit? No. So, It just kind of doesn't match

Her Suite? I'd have to say 4 out of 5. It's great, but I've seen better, and I've seen worse. I think she could maybe add some more things to it. There are a lot of gaps and open spaces, but other than that It's really good!

Her presentation is very cute. But, it's plain, and too simple. I think if she added some more text, like text that blinks, or glows, or something, to give it more color, you know?

Overall our covergirl today is....
4 out of 5 stars.

She's pretty, talented, and has a great suite, but she could show a little more creativity!


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  1. Wow I quite like this new topic, really loved reading your opinion:D

  2. Personally I think she does stand out, although she does the well known smokey eyes make-up, I think her facial features are quite stunning, and different to lots I've seen.
    Also the hair comes with those highlights so no need for the user to add them in.

    Good segment though :)

    Love K xxx

  3. thank you! :D and well, i mean i see everyone with those eyes, lips, and blush...shes gorgeous--dont get me wrong..but yeah

  4. hehe! ^^ a my cchemical romance fan?? :D

  5. But yeah the tattoo thing is a bit too much and it has a wrong place to lie on:D

  6. I didn't like her makeup at all. her outfit was pretty cute and her suite was kinda funny...

  7. p.s why only covergirls? isn't that a bit unfair?

  8. haha yeah i know...and well, i mean if you want me to "dish" on your doll let me know, gb me!

  9. I love this new topic :D
    It rocks and it's awesome to read your opinion :)

  10. MCR Stands for My chemical romance which is a band so she must like them! I think she deserves to win covergirl but then people who arent that famous and dont have that much money havent got a chance! Broadcast should be 1 stardollar each!

  11. I like this new topic too it's intresting and that girl was the covergirl i think

  12. The highlights in her hair come with the hair. If you had removed her make up you would have seen how the highlights are still there

  13. The ''MCR'' means ''My Chemical Romance'', I guess. It's the music group ;)