Can i be ?!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hello Guys !

As you know more than 124 millions girls are talking about " MSW "
The game is unfair ( even if i got it ) i would say it's unfiar .. why ? 
1. MSW 2010 is one of the finalist ( Turkey )
2. Avril Lavigne is one of the finalist ( Canada )
3. There is a girl from 3 dolls are in finalist ( Poland )

Anyway many of you know that i was running for it .. then my i cancelled after the attack on me that i'm cheating !!

Any way my friend Christine told me that i still have the chance to be MSW Continental queen for Asia 
( as you see voting for me as MSW still on !! )

So .. it's really mean alot for me if you can vote for me till 23.Sep !!

Thanks Guys
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  1. Sure hun . I can't believe they said you cheated ! Poor you . :[

  2. Why you care because someone said it?
    You were not cheating , you were just asking people to vote you...And You deserve to win and NEVER stop for something you want ...Don't care what the others says!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ugh! I hate stardoll sometimes! You didn't cheated, where did they get this idea?!

    Of course I'll vot eya again sweety and hope you'll get in :)

  5. SOmetimes stardoll is so annoying and lucky you!

  6. Lucky you Ghadeer! Hope you win something The fact last years MSW is in it is really annoying!

  7. Why shudn't MSW's last winner be in? I think she deserves it and it wud be unfair if she WASN'T allowed in. besides, now she has a LOT more competition since so many more ppl entered this year.

  8. that is soo true!!And non-superstars hardly have a chance of winning!!!

  9. that is soooo true!!!