Are you kidding on me ?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello our readers ! 
Today 23.Sep i can call it " my day " 

because i'm in finalist for Asia ! WOW 

But.. from smile face to sad face
stardoll kidding on me or what ?
Before 1 hour stardoll sent to me an massage 

(Click to enlarge )

I don't know who reported me , i'm astonished :S first of all if you read the massage it says : 

"As you agreed when accepting the Stardoll Terms of Use, you should not reveal your pictures! while at"

and yesterday i saw that on my presentation it says " ADMIN REMOVED " instead of my blogger URL and my picture URL too! LOL are you stardoll kidding on me ? many girls put their picture's link !! Why me ?? 

and what make my face look like :O is i don't do makeovers or presentations or asking for passwords and even don't buy / sell since i got hacked !

 I sent massage to stardoll describing to them my situation but still no answer !!
Any Help ?

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  1. I voted for you sweet♥
    And I don't know Why Stardoll have done it?! All you can do is waiting for the answer...

  2. Babe join the club I got reported twice!
    1. For defending myself (This girl was cussing me out and I cussed her back (I'm the one who got reported not her)

    2. posting links in msw

    Oh how I love stardoll

    And Congratz

  3. Ugh! Stardoll is sometimes so stupid!
    Everyone has their picture ULR on their presentations. Pfff I just hate this website sometimes!

    At least you can enjoy the fact you are one of the finalists. Congrats :]

  4. First of all, congrats! And the second thing I want to say is, I got that message a few months ago too. It's kinda weird :P

  5. Congrats Ghadeer! You deserve to win MSW =]

  6. Hey! I know how you feel.
    Actually sum girls must have reported U!
    U noe why? Cux they are jealous!
    That happens.... :(

    Btw, Gud luck!