Another Apology

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sorry I'm a day late the assignments and test are piling up on me this week =(

But you all know him/her as the hacker/scammer/stealer on stardoll who else would it be other than the one and only welite mizzmileycyrus9 (aka Reece). If you don't know him by now he has told many lies in the past, steals copyrighted things (he stole one of wooldoors graphic), and especially hacks [he hacked .Marcela.. and stealing her huge blog (hb addicted)] and the list goes on and on.

Yesterday when I was browsing through stardoll seeing if there was anything new I ended to his suite reading his/her apology letter #2 (first one is when he was giving everyone their rares what they what he/she stole in the past)
(click to see clear)

To be honest I think he is doing this just for fame (again) and maybe later... who knows what's going to be next?
I want your thoughts what you think about this?

xxx Kayanna

p.s If you never heard of Reece before or what Reece did I'll answer you in the comments section.

UPDATE: Now you can click on the picture
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