Amazing Archive?

Friday, September 09, 2011

Hey Lovely Ladies Its Been a while , I have been reading the blog looks fantastic

Needs some Funksho8!!!

Here is my outfit for archive

Dress :Archive 15SD

Bag :Bisou: 12sd

Shoes:young hollywood 30sd (limited edition)

Earings: Glam 'r' us : 6sd

Theme: Going to work Editor in chief!!

MakeUp as its a very colourful and attention seeking outfit keep the make up dark yet natural!!!!

So has everyone seen the new archive what do you think ?

I like some of the pieces but they are a bit expensive HM!

Sooo again to help you save your money here are a few 'real hotbuys!!

I put a heart Near my fave Item!

Until you look at it again its actually a very good collection Nice colours and variety so get buying ladies and gents! I thimk stardoll were trying to go vintage yet cultrul when it came to picking these items

The Bag is delicious as you can give a really vibrant outfit a good toning down if you add the bag


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  1. Yeah , I am going to buy something.

  2. Yeah, I saw some very beautiful items there too :)

  3. I love your outfit!:) it looks awesome fantastic opinion on sd fashion!:)