Music News

Friday, September 30, 2011

hey everyone! Today we have the Music Show :) On comments, you said you prefer the show from the simple music news :) So I will continue it, as long as I can with my lessons (the show takes me more time)
So go!

"Hello everyone, and welcome to our show "Music News On Ghandoora The Boss" with Ronnie :)

Everything happening in the world of music is revealed now!

So let's don't loose time, and go to our profession journalist Mary Saymon!

-Welcome Mary!

-Thank you Ronnie :) I am glad to be on the first Music News' show! Also congratulations for your gossip News show, I saw it on Monday!

-Oh, Thank you Mary! So, what's going on today?

-Many things underway, but the hottest?

Enrique Iglesias ft Jennifer Lopez - Mouth 2 Mouth!
So, the duet of Enrique Iglesias with Jennifer Lopez "Mouth 2 Mouth" was presented online! The song, that will also circulate as single (you see the cover) will be contained in the re-release of the latest album of Enrique "Euphoria". 
Listen to the Mouth2Mouth now! 

-Hm, it has a nice beat!

-Yes I know! I love the song, I am sure it will be very well-recieved!

-I agree! Thank you Mary for the information!

So let's go to Justin Bieber now! Lilian will inform as about that talented 17-year-old boy!

- Yes Ronnie, thank you!
I've just learnt
On November cicrulates the Christmas album of Justin!
"Under the Mistletoe" will be titled the new Christmas album of Justin Bieber. The disk is expected to circulate - in America at least - on November 1st and in particular one dollar from each sale will be sold for charitable aim.
The only thing we already know is that the album will includea collaboration with Boyz II Men, titled "Falalalala", as well as a duet with Usher. 
The 17-year-old Canadian Star attends to keep his fans daily aware via Twitter: "Shootings today for a new video for Christmas album." he wrote on Wednesday 28 of September. "Christmas comes early this year!"

-Realy interesting, Thank you Lilian!

So that was it, our show came on it's end! 

See you on Monday, with the "gossip News On Ghandoora The Boss" show :)

Goodnight from all of us! 
And remember something:
Music is just like life, it always continue!  ""

Liked our show?

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

kisses and blessing to all of you !!!

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Doll Dish

Covergirl Dish
September 28th, 2011

Hey guys, welcome to Covergirl Dish! So, today, I am doing the covergirl. Many people want their doll dished, so I have a lot to work on, I was thinking of maybe making new topics? I don't know though, it's up to you guys, so comment with ideas, or anything, so yeah...comment! (;

Anyways, today I'm doing a short 'nd sweet CG Dish.
That's going to be the new segment name for the CG Dish.
Anways, if you guys have any ideas, like clubs for this, raffles, anything, as long as It's approved by the lovely Ghandoora, of course! (:

So, let's begin!

Displaying a nice natural look StarKasiulaxD (click to visit her) is showing her true beauty with a nice simple look. She has on some blush, and some black eyeshadow. She also is wearing short-lash mascara. Nice, and simple. Well...maybe a little too simple, perhaps? I would say so...If I were her I would add something else. Her look is nice, but too plain. 

Overall Rating
4 stars

Just recently changing her outfit, StarKasiulaxD...pretty....but confusing? Her look is displayed with a natural white color, mixed with a few dark shades, also shown with some gold color. Pretty...but confusing is what Is in my head at the moment. What is she trying to display? To me she looks like a roman. 

Overall Rating
3 Stars

Showing some talent, StarKasiulaxD really fits with the Star in her name. Showing some creativity in her suite, she matches color, and doesn't put anything in the wrong spot. Her rooms are all different, and she also reveals a hidden talent with some designing!

Final Rating is...
4 stars!


Sign up for Doll Dish Today!
Would you like that to be you? ^

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Special Happy Birthday 5

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hello our readers ;)
Today 28.Sep me & my family celebrating my brother's birthday
The best man in this earth ^^

Diamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond TextDiamond Text

 Even if you aren't live with us 
But you are in our souls
and we miss you so much
Hope next year we can spend your birthday together :)

This is a special wish Although we’re miles apart Remember dear brother, You’re always close in my heart We may not be together On this very special day I wish all the best for you And that it’s great in every way Another wish I have for you Is that this life brings Many blessings

 Your Sister … Ghandoora
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New feauture coming..

Hello again! Today there is no gossip soo excited right? Last week friday stardoll posted a video on youtube showing us a feature that will be coming out soon. Take a look.


I personally think that this was unnecessary its not hard to click to the main room and pick out what you want to wear.. and I don't think we asked for this. We want stardoll to get rid of those stupid purple coins aka starcoins, ugh!

xxx Kayanna
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How to look like a VIP!

hello gorgeous Ghandeer's readers!!!!
I am back with my VIP post! Hope you missed me ♥
Keira Knightley is the VIP!! Enjoy :

any idea on the next theme VIP?
xoxo sa...gataki
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My Twins

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hello Our Readers
As you see the blog is going down down down !! YAY 
all the writers leave which really makes me so sad when i see our blog like this !
I'm going to make a huge MAKEOVER at the end of this week !
But today .. i made

My Twins

Well when i saw this picture for this celebrity .. i though about 6000 Starpoints hair 
And the same for the smile & for the eyes ^^

So how much do you rate it ?

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"Gossip News On Ghandoora The Boss"

Monday, September 26, 2011

(today our gossip news will be a tv show! xD I am in a nice mood, and i thought of this, hope u like it!)

"""Hello everyone and welcome to our new show
"Gossip News On Ghandoora The Boss" 

I am Ronnie, and I am the presenter of this amazing programme!

Today we have some special news for all of you who are sitting at your sofas and watching our TV show :)

So for a start, we managed to shoot 
Angelina Jolie as a pilot! 

Our journalist "Christina" is here to tell us some details about it!
Welcome to our show Christina, it's our honor to have you here!
- Oh thank you, the honor is all mine! Congratulation for this new show! 

So let's go!
Ah, rich people... Even if most little boys grow up playing with small, plastic airplanes, the young Maddox (beyond that he already has his iPad ) learns to play with planes... in ethers! 
Angelina took her oldest son and went for a... flight (what's more... normal!) to pass their time. The famous Star has diploma of control of small plane from 2005. Take a flavour in photo gallery that follows!

-Thank you very much Christina for the news! Nice pictures!
-Thank you!

So now, ladies and gentlemen, let's go to our 2nd topic!
We have just learned that
 Rayan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock may get married!

Our well-known journalist Suzan is here to talk you about it!

-Welcome Suzan to our new show!
-Thank you Ronnie! Firstly I want to say congratulations for this new show, it is really nice!
-Thank you Suzan!
-And now to our topic.. 
Things get serious for Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock, according to recent publications. Fames want them to be thinking about moving together in the house of Bullock in the Austin (Texas) and share their relation between L.A. and Austin "until it's found a longer-term solution". According to the Hollywood Life the 47-year-old actress and her 34-year-old lover think about marriage, and also to adopt a child. "Her Ryan said that he is ready and that whenever she wants that they can be married" it declared individual of their narrow environment. 
So let's hope Sandra will think quickly, and marry him! 

-Thank you again Suzan for your information!
- My pleassure!

So somewhere now, we must end our small show!
See you next Friday with our other show:
"Music News On Ghandoora The Boss"

Until then... Have a wonderful time!"""

So that was my show! Should I continue it, or it's better to write as Christine myself, than Ronnie with Suzan and Christina?
Tell me your opinion, otherwise I won't know what is better!

Kisses my wonderful viewers ;D
byebye, the journalist Demi_Lovanto_2!

(p.s. If you want me to continue our show, tell me, I must make a banner about it!"
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Short and Sweet-Doll Dish

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hey everyone, today I'm posting a little earlier because later today I'm doing something to help out my church, and plus I'm not feeling that well---allergies are hitting me hard. So, anyways, today I can only do 3 topics because I'm leaving in 10 minutes, so let's get on with this!

Want to get your doll dished?
Comment or send me a message-kkrrbb78

First, let me say FINALLY. Someone who actually doesn't have the black and white smokey eye---and, if you haven't already heard me say...I LOVE the black and white smokey eye, believe me, but its too average, so If you want me to dish your doll, then atleast don't have the smokey eye(:  Green is not my favorite color, but It's different, and the color is perfect for her(:
4 stars

Click on it^ (:

Outfit and Suite

Well....her outfit is....well.....I don't like it. It's too dark, and too dull. But I'm surprised actually, because her main suite room is displaying many tasteful outfits, that are more colorful, that would look so, so, sooo much better on her! So, judging by the outfits I'll cut her a break, and give her some credit, because those outfits are so cute!
3 stars

Okay, well for being a member without the superstar membership, her suite is very tasteful. The thing is; when your not a superstar...what do you expect? Having no stardollars, makeup, etc. For no stardollars let me tell you this; I would just leave, because yes honestly you can't do a lot without the membership, but I must say...I have to applaud her work!

3 stars

Her final voting is...
Good job Missrosey67!

comment please!
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I'm sorry but..

Hey Guys

No banner for today, cause this is not a post.

As school started, I realized it will be a difficult year and I also have some other activities and unfortunately, I'm not allowed to surf the net, so that means I can't log into stardoll.

And this is where I say that I'm leaving. I'm really really sorry, I don't want to leave, I LOVE this blog and I hope that if I'll be back, I would still be able to write here. I'm really sorry, I wanted to continue the story, I had great ideas but..

Thank you for all  your love or hate,

and I hope to see you soon,

maybe shining as I always wanted to.


Fairydew xxx
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Stardoll turned into Ghosttown

Well not literally. There is absolutely nothing on stardoll... its dead what do you guys would like to see more of instead gossip around other stardoll members? I want your opinion since nobody is pretty much not doing anything..

xxx Kayanna
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Music News

Friday, September 23, 2011

VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez - PaPi

Premiere made on Monday 19 of September the new video clip of Jennifer Lopez for her new single "Papi". In the beginning story, J-Lo eats a magic biscuit that makes her so amazing and causes agitation in all the men's population of the city. See new video clip the J-Lo below! Your own comments!

Bruno Mars writes the soundtrack of Breaking Down!

"It Will Rain" is the title of the new single of Bruno Mars. And it doesn't end here! The song, as it was announced in the official site of Bruno Mars, will dress musically the latest film of Twilight Saga, "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" . Track is expected to circulate via iTunes on 27 of September while the soundtrack of the film comes out on 8 November. Are you looking forward for it?

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Ladies!!! Ready for a soft and silky make up!!

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Are you kidding on me ?

Hello our readers ! 
Today 23.Sep i can call it " my day " 

because i'm in finalist for Asia ! WOW 

But.. from smile face to sad face
stardoll kidding on me or what ?
Before 1 hour stardoll sent to me an massage 

(Click to enlarge )

I don't know who reported me , i'm astonished :S first of all if you read the massage it says : 

"As you agreed when accepting the Stardoll Terms of Use, you should not reveal your pictures! while at"

and yesterday i saw that on my presentation it says " ADMIN REMOVED " instead of my blogger URL and my picture URL too! LOL are you stardoll kidding on me ? many girls put their picture's link !! Why me ?? 

and what make my face look like :O is i don't do makeovers or presentations or asking for passwords and even don't buy / sell since i got hacked !

 I sent massage to stardoll describing to them my situation but still no answer !!
Any Help ?

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It's Been A While Since My Last Post Here...

Hello readers!
It's been a while since my last post here.
These weeks, I'm so busy with school, homework, and tests.
In the next two weeks I will have an examination...
"I wonder if our school in real life are like virtual academy clubs on Stardoll. Online school! I don't really like real life school, we must go to a building, bring a bag with a lot of books and stationery. In the academy clubs on Stardoll, we only need an Internet connection and a computer to go on Stardoll and meet our school friends."
By the way, do you like my new banner? I'm getting bored of my old banner, and since I found more ways to edit a picture or making a graphic, I decided to create a new banner.
Today I'm going to post a video... I know this isn't my topic, but I don't have much time to post about sites.
Interesting sites post will be back on Tuesday =]
Hope you like my first made-fun-with-Evanescence video!

See you in the next post!
~Scarlet_GG/ Deana/ Amy Franco Lestrange SquarePants XD
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My Twins

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hello Our readers :)
Today as you used to i made new twins

When i saw her picture on internet i said yes ! 
it's the perfect one to make it on stardoll 
from eyes , nose & lips :)

How do you rate it ?/5

Ghandoora The Boss
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Another Apology

Sorry I'm a day late the assignments and test are piling up on me this week =(

But you all know him/her as the hacker/scammer/stealer on stardoll who else would it be other than the one and only welite mizzmileycyrus9 (aka Reece). If you don't know him by now he has told many lies in the past, steals copyrighted things (he stole one of wooldoors graphic), and especially hacks [he hacked .Marcela.. and stealing her huge blog (hb addicted)] and the list goes on and on.

Yesterday when I was browsing through stardoll seeing if there was anything new I ended to his suite reading his/her apology letter #2 (first one is when he was giving everyone their rares what they what he/she stole in the past)
(click to see clear)

To be honest I think he is doing this just for fame (again) and maybe later... who knows what's going to be next?
I want your thoughts what you think about this?

xxx Kayanna

p.s If you never heard of Reece before or what Reece did I'll answer you in the comments section.

UPDATE: Now you can click on the picture
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Winner & Must Have!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Here are the results from the poll:

So the winner is Number 1:

Well done B.E.P.Fan_4ever, you have won twice in a row!
You will recieve a prize in your suite!

Onto this weeks 'Must Have!'
All you need to do is put the chosen item into an outfit and leave the link in the comments along with your stardoll name. The contestants outfits will be posted into a poll and the person with the most votes will win.

I have chosen: Breton Striped Shorts from PPQ
Here is my example*:

So, just put that top in an outfit on stardoll, print screen, save onto paint, upload to tinypic and post the link with your stardoll name in comments!
Don't know the rules or how to upload? Click >>>HERE<<<

Deadline to comment with your link is MONDAY!
Please enter if you're reading this!!!

P.S You MAY win prizes

Love, Jen/MissElydia1999

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