Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hey :) It's Wednesday so it's time to announce the winner from last week's 'Must Have' competiton! All the girls were great but there can only be one winner and here are the results!

Well Done! So Number 4 (malsorrrja) won!

 You kept it quite plain and simple but it worked!

Unfortunately I'm going on holiday on Friday so I cannot do another Must Have competition until I get back

I return on the 7th September and I will post then!
Next time there will be a twist but you will have to wait and see...



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  1. ooohhhh!!!.............i'm really sad cause i really liked this comp! but anyway ...have nice holidays! :)

  2. Congrats to the winner and have fun in your vacations :)

  3. thank you everyone(: the comps will be back before you know it x

  4. Wow!!I am the winner!Thank you so much :)

  5. @malsorrrja

    i dont really have much money on stardoll atm, so i will try to get more then give you a prize x

  6. Sometimes it's not the prize that's important, it's the fact that more people voted for you!!

  7. I know , but being at competitons must give a price because you were tired of what u are going to wear etc etc..But if there is nothing as a price I just won the biggest!People voted for me the most...And I just wanted to know if there is any other price or not.